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Android App Development

Android made up a massive of 74.45% of the market share over iOS. This may be due to the reason most of the smart devices operates on Android and iOS is duly used only by Apple devices. Keeping aside the technical comparison between Android and iOS, Android operated devices are customer friendly and easy for users to take advantage of many free applications from the Play store. This encourage more people to buy and start using an Android thus increases the demand for Android application development. At Pattronize InfoTech, we have been helping businesses bring out the best of their ideas and convert them into meaningful Android applications that not only serves the purpose but helps you build your brand identity.

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Being an Android app development company, we believe in delivering the best to the clients. Pattronize InfoTech has the cream of coding geeks. We have the potential to transform your dreams and ideas into reality. Our profound team of expert app developers are renowned for building mobile application from the most complex to the most simple apps of all times. Thinking of getting your existing Android application revamped? Don’t think twice, just let us help you with the finest and the most unique designs for your app and develop a completely new customized app for you.

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    Gipsy Meet

    The new app that enables the gypsy community to socialize on a local and international level , to date and to provide a platform for non-governmental organizations to present themselves.


  • Comprehensive research and study of your business requirements and competitors.
  • On-Time Project Completion.
  • Full time Support during and after project duration.
  • We create samples and demos before the final product.
  • Thorough testing of the app is done before getting it live.
  • The final app is totally bug free with latest updates.
  • Best android app development services at the most affordable prices.
  • No Hidden Cost and Code.
  • Periodical reports and analysis of project development.
  • Synchronized method of building android mobile application from scratch.
  • Follow ethical working standards with No False Promises.

Increase Your Prosperity With Android Apps For Business

Having Android apps for business is always going to take your company to the next successful level and increase the profitability of the entire organization. Apart from other OS, specifically this gets you a better brand recognition as the number of smart phones using Android OS is far more than any other mobile operating systems. Have a look at some of the additional benefits.

  • Low Cost and High Return on Investments:

    The applications have low barriers and restrictions to enter the market. Hence, Android app developers and designers have a pool of opportunities for innovations and unique mobile app development. This in turn reduces the licensing costs.

  • Most Popular App Store:

    Being an open source most of the smartphones are integrated with Android and app store gives you an additional advantage to download apps for free.

  • Increase Your Website Traffic:

    You can embed your app to your website. To download the application, people will keep visiting your website; this will in turn increase your website traffic.

  • Freedom for App Developer:

    Being a very non-restrictive platform, it is easy to install and use applications. Hence, more and more Android app developers are attracted to developing the applications.

  • Multiple App Integration:

    You have the privilege to integrate add-on apps to your customised application. Say like you can integrate email, reminders, notes, etc. to your main business application. This will make your application more user-friendly.

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