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Search Engine Marketing service is a double booster. To upgrade your website rankings and traffic and also fetches you most leads. It is a perfect blend of organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and paid listings (PPC). But in recent times, SEM has been popularly known for PPC campaigns and paid listings. Every business is unique and their needs are unique too. Online Marketing gives you that extra privilege to have tailored Search Engine Marketing services. Let us help you choose the best Search Engine Marketing company for your venture.

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Shelling out money from our pockets and controlling a budget for marketing the website online is definitely a matter to think twice. Appointing a successful, trusted, and a highly experienced Search Engine Marketing agency is surely a bigger task. When it comes to Pattronize InfoTech you can definitely relax and keep your worries at bay. Our chosen professionals are particularly the cherry on top of the cake. Our team of consultants have always given the best results with high rate of success. What matters to us, is our client’s happiness and we surely know how to achieve it. We wholeheartedly welcome our client’s queries and inquiries, understand their business, their goal for hiring Search Engine Marketing services and study their business and competitors thoroughly. Our highly experienced, adwords experts help your business gain maximum profit by all means. We also facilitate high end solutions for local paid listings with great ROI.

  • Winova

    A simple responsive CMS website to display the products and its information which is connected to Amazon for sale.  We do SEO to rank in search engines.


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  • Acquire Direct Targets :

    A right Search Engine Marketing agency can help you place your ad campaigns for the right keywords at the right time and attract more potential customers who are looking for that specific product or service.

  • Ads Implemented Quickly :

    Building a website, optimizing it and then showing up in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) is very time consuming. On the contrary, ad campaigns for the primary keywords can be created faster and are listed on the SERP in no time.

  • Search Engine Marketing is Measurable :

    How much money is spent on a particular PPC campaigns? Which ads are working well? Which keywords are generating more leads? All these are measurable. The dollars invested on paid listings and ad campaigns are totally under your control and you actually have a clear picture of your money flow.

  • Increases Brand Awareness :

    PPC campaign with top placements for primary keywords is an added advantage in terms of branding. More the paid ads flashing on relative websites and SERPs more the awareness amongst the potential customers. Accurate PPC ads placement means ‘Hitting the right cord at the right time’; this helps generate more leads and quality traffic to the website.

  • Access to SEM Tools :

    Search Engine Marketing provides web analytics which helps in measuring the profitability of the PPC campaigns. It facilitates analytical data of the live PPC ads fetching leads, generating traffic to the website or the ads are not at all being fruitful. With this analytical survey you can re-strategize your campaigns for better conversion rate and ROI.

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