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Pattronize InfoTech

From the start our clients have realised that we can take all the complication and worry away from decisions to outsource. Whatever your business you can be 200% certain that using us is the right thing to do. Our knowledge base grows by the day and anything that we do not yet know can soon be learned with intensive training in a very short time.

Our honesty and discretion is beyond reproach and you can trust us implicitly with your business. Where required we can supply references and testimonials to back up our claims that we can provide the best outsourcing services that you would find anywhere.

We are proud that our company never ties any client down with restrictive contracts. We are confident in our ability to deliver class-leading business solutions so we do not feel there is any need to force our clients to stay with us. They stay because they want to!

If requested we will be happy to provide a free trial period where new clients will observe our performance risk-free. Our 100% attention to detail is bound to impress and you will find us flexible, responsive to your needs and very easy to get on with.

We implement Web Development Projects through 3 different Relationship Models

  • Fixed Duration / Price
  • Hourly Work & Billing
  • Offshore Dedicated Resources