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Founded by Ernie Martin, the Receivable Savvy is a firm which offers financial supply chain data to the ARs or Account Receivable professionals. They provide solutions of proprietary research & best practice data in the fields of remittance, invoicing and credit collections. This allows the AR professionals to boost up their firm’s financial results and also their professional acumen.



The success of the project would totally bedepended on the internet. It primarily puts emphasis on the B2B users in the U.S, and it seeks relevant data and knowledge from articles, papers and discussion boards.

It possesses an access control and restriction for the member and the non-member users of the website. The registered users have privileges like article downloading and participation option on discussion boards. Each user has to pay an extra fee to have the privilege of ‘UP Selling’ a document.

All the user data and membership information has to be stored, accumulated and maintained over the CRM(Customer Relationship Management) for providing regular and daily updates about the website.


After our thorough assessment of the project, we came up with the following conclusion and set of requirements.

Because the project was based over the web, we selected WordPress as the CMS(Content Management System). As WordPress is much more user friendly and easy to understand.

Right after selecting the platform, we shifted our focus on the subscription and the membership aspects and likewise, selected the following plugins.

  • Woocommerce – For putting in the membership & payment process.
  • Woocommerce subscription – For membership subscription process.
  • Groups, Groups for Woocommerce – For Membership access and restriction, differentiating between the Free access users and the Paid access ones.

For our next phase, we decided to select the “Infusionsoft CRM” for the integration and the maintenance of the stored user data and information.


After all the deliberations and processes, we finally carved a website as per the quality needs and the expectations of the client. However, during the whole process, we faced several challenges

  • During the Customization of the default Woocommerce checkout page as per requested design pattern.
  • Although the group’s plugin had the access restriction feature, it still lacked the total coverage as per our needs. Hence we decided to customize the restriction access option as per the Groups Plugin.
  • One more pivotal challenge that we endured was in the Woocommerce subscription plugin. The Plugin allowed “Upgrade” for the subscription, which can only be available for Configurable or Grouped product type. However, as per our need, we only wanted this particular option for the Simple Product Type. Thus, to achieve our target, we ended up customizing the plugin, along with the theme, as per the requirement.

For our next phase, we decided to select the “Infusionsoft CRM” for the integration and the maintenance of the stored user data and information.

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