Windows Inventory Application

Windows Inventory Application

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Fortigrid is an ICT service provider that is owned by MMGS Softnet, a consulting company. For years MMGS Softnet has been providing ICT technology to a vast range of companies & structuring solutions to help clients meet their business objectives.


Fortigrid’s requirement is to manage their hardware assets i.e. computers, printers, networking devices from a separate maintenance system. This stand-alone application also needs secure authentication for maintenance.

For authentication of the users, the client needs to connect the application with their active directory service.


After our thorough analysis about the client’s requirement we found that the best solution for better authentication will be through ‘Active directory’ with the help of LDAP.


Active directory is a service provided by Microsoft for Windows networks. In ‘Active directory’, Users are called as Objects. And Objects in the directory can be accessed through LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).


LDAP is used for connecting, searching & modifying ‘Active directories’. LDAP is primarily used for search and also to authenticate individuals in a directory. LDAP authenticates users by LDAP BIND operation.

There are a number of methods that can be utilized for LDAP BIND operation. But for this project we are going to use Name/Password Authentication Mechanism.


We had to face few problems while making connection with the active directory. But we were able to overcome all those issues successfully. And finally, the system was up & running as intended.

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