CRM – Google Adwords API

CRM – Google Adwords API

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Texila American University, is popularly known as TAU, it is regarded as one of the best Caribbean Medical Schools of Guyana. And in the South-American Continent it is the only country where English is the main or official language. TAU offers Health Science programs with a high level of professionalism, expertise and can solve vital problems.


The client needed a new feature in their current system which would allow the synchronization of the enquiry campaign with Google ad words strategising it effectively with the CRM(Customer Relationship Management). It would allow them to maintain impressions, click numbers, CPS (Cost Per Sales), CPL (Cost Per Lead) and convert real time leads from Google Ad words reports and data. The client also insisted on having an advanced system which would allow the storage of details and the knowledge of Google Ad words’ campaign right to our database. And this should be synchronised in a particular manner, so that the data can be accessed by putting any given date in the CRM.


After our thorough research and analysis of the enhancements, we decided to implement the Google Ad word client database and library. With the updated Google Adwords API(Application Program Interface), we could easily procure the data from the Adwords and synchronise it by directly linking it to the updated system. We have listed a few of the essential features of the Google Ad words API:

  • Automatic Keyword(s) generation, Landing Pages,with Ad Text & also Custom reports.
  • Integration of the data that needs to generated is linked with the Inventory System for better management of campaigns based on stock.
  • Development of more apps and tools for managing accounts.


Although Google Ad Words offersSDK(Software Development Kit) sync, it was still not up to the mark as per our needs. We had an extremely challenging time implementing the SDK to the client’s CRM. Ultimately, we had to customize the Google Ad Words’ API along with the campaign performance reports by using the help of AWQL—the Ad Words Query Language—in order to attain the desired results.

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