Mobile App Development Cost And How Small Business Owners Are Cheated

November 17, 2018Leave a Comment
Mobile App Development Cost

Small business owners should possess an overall idea pertaining to Mobile App Development Cost so that they can save themselves from being cheated by shrewd mobile app developers or developing companies. Use of mobile devices is not just restricted to communicate with others verbally & textually but include accessing online services through mobile apps and …

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10 Things a customer to be identified earlier than build their first Android app

May 21, 2018Leave a Comment

Hello Friends, I am writing this article about 10 things a customer to be identified earlier than build their first Android app for the first time and what are the main things to know before building an Android app. To know what is an android app; we should know what Android is and where it …

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Why VR and 360-degree is the Future of Website Design

December 8, 2017Leave a Comment

Today number of users use the internet to get their queries answered. In the same way business owners get an opportunity to grab people for selling their products. The most important thing is “Website” that comes to our mind when a business needs its online presence. Henceforth, you seek out for a website design firm. …

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UI or UX Which One Suits Best for Your Website

December 1, 2017Leave a Comment

It is a great topic to debate all the time, whether to choose UI or UX to suit for your website. Before moving further we need to know what actually these acronyms stands for. The term UI stands for User Interface Design while the term UX refers to User Experience Design. But both of these …

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How Chatbots Can be a Part of User Search Experience

November 14, 2017Leave a Comment

User Search experience could be either for web search engines or it can be even for the Websites, Applications or Web. User Search Experience, yes you heard it right! Though it is very important to get the visitors to our websites, do we really take care of our website visitors? Do we consider the importance of …

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How Flexible is WordPress for Building an Online Store

November 13, 2017Leave a Comment
How Flexible is WordPress for Building an Online Store

The e-commerce sector has grown strongly in the last 5 years. Still increasing with positive ascent and as a contributor. It holds 45.4% of all types of websites on the entire web. WordPress has been a great CMS for all time for many types of blogging as well as commercial websites. Many of them have …

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Why Should I Use WordPress for a Business Website Rather Than Other CMS

November 7, 2017Leave a Comment
should i use wordpress for a business website

WordPress is an extremely powerful and popular CMS, needless to say then why should i use wordpress for a business website rather than other CMS. There are many other CMS like Drupal, Joomla, etc. which also offers some advantages for business websites, but WordPress provides tons of advanced features and provides functionality with ultra-simple techniques. But Why …

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