How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites Under One Roof [Updated]?

July 31, 2018Leave a Comment

Wondering how to manage multiple WordPress websites without having to login to every one of them individually? WordPress is one of the easiest CMS to learn and is probably the most preferred among the people to go online with their business. Every step of the setup of a WordPress blog or website is extremely easy …

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Why Should I Use WordPress for a Business Website Rather Than Other CMS

November 7, 2017Leave a Comment
should i use wordpress for a business website

WordPress is an extremely powerful and popular CMS, needless to say then why should i use wordpress for a business website rather than other CMS. There are many other CMS like Drupal, Joomla, etc. which also offers some advantages for business websites, but WordPress provides tons of advanced features and provides functionality with ultra-simple techniques. But Why …

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How WordPress + Plugins Makes Automation Easy

November 4, 2017Leave a Comment
How WordPress + Plugins Makes Automation Easy

The tremendous growth in plug-in promotion takes the bother of technical assistance out of website development. When you have made your plugin for WordPress all you or client requires to do is send it to the plug-ins organize on their internet server and approve it in the WordPress. In this article, we speak about how WordPress plugins …

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