How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites Under One Roof [Updated]?

How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites Under One Roof [Updated]?

Wondering how to manage multiple WordPress websites without having to login to every one of them individually? WordPress is one of the easiest CMS to learn and is probably the most preferred among the people to go online with their business. Every step of the setup of a WordPress blog or website is extremely easy and the website itself will be up and running in five minutes after you have all the domain and hosting registered.

But despite being very easy to handle, there are certain things on the WordPress CMS itself that are not yet known to many people. Managing just one blog on it is an easy task, but managing multiple blogs is not that easy.

If you have multiple blogs, you might feel a little let down by the fact that you will have to log in to the backend of every one of them individually. But, did you know that WordPress itself has a few ways with which you can manage and scale up your business with many such websites and blogs from just one single login?

Sounds cool, right?

Let’s find out the best and the most effective ways on how to manage multiple WordPress websites right from one dashboard.

Effective Tools on How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

how to manage multiple wordpress websites

When we are speaking about how to manage multiple WordPress websites on one dashboard, we inevitably mean the usage of different tools that would help to do so. Here are they.



ManageWP is one of the many freemium applications on the internet. This means, it comes free for all the basic and core features and anything addition needs to be purchased in-app. However, the bundle of premium add-ons is quite conveniently pricing with extreme flexibility.

The first step before using the service is that you will need to log in to the ManageWP account with the email and the website.

Important features

  • It gives real-time migration, cloning, and backups
  • It has SEO ranking tools
  • Has a user-friendly interface and maintenance mode
  • Works well with Google Analytics

WP Remote

WP Remote

The WP Remote is probably the best plugin to manage multiple WordPress sites in one dashboard for intermediates and beginners. The reasons that make it a good one for beginners are the highly user-friendly interface and the free price tag that it comes in.

It does not even have premium add-ons or subscriptions to buy and everything that is on bundle up for free. However, the number of features are under the certain limit.

Important features

  • Uses API to manage the sites
  • Has performance checks
  • Maintenance mode and Google Analytics offered

Jetpack Manage

Jetpack Manage

If you are dealing with WordPress even for the shortest period of time, you may have heard about Jetpack. It is probably the biggest boon for starters and equally important for experts. And with such a good reputation to work with, the Jetpack Manage turns out to be one of the best plugins to automate and manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard.

Newbie bloggers will absolutely love this plugin as just by simple toggling around the options, they can post contents for all the websites right from one control center. You can also view all of the site stats and switch between the websites without a fuss.

Important features

  • Bulk posting can be done
  • Backup and uptime can be monitored
  • Individual site stats available

CMS Commander

CMS Commander

CMS Commander is more like an allrounder for those you are looking to manage multiple websites from under one roof. The dashboard of the plugin looks very similar to the native WordPress dashboard. Plus, it is extremely easy to create new websites directly from this plugin itself.

And since the CMS Commander is so much vital and an allrounder, it does not have a pre-price tag or is not even a freemium app. You only get a month’s free subscription and after that, you have to purchase. The price is, however, not very pocket-pinching and can be affordable for the people who intend to manage multiple website or blogs.

Important features

  • Easily track the backlinks and page-speed
  • Bulk installation of plugins
  • Bulk posting is available to almost any number of blogs
  • Security scans and their report are part of the client’s report



The InfiniteWP is another plugin up the block that can manage multiple WordPress sites right from one dashboard. And for a good news starter, it is a freemium system. Hence, all of the basics were offering on free of cost.

However, the number of basics are very limited and the users have to opt for the premium paid add-ons to enjoy most of the functionalities. The dashboard is simplistic yet extremely detailed. You can just hover the pointer to the site name and it will show up a lot of details including update, backup and many more.

Important features

  • It manages bulk plugin installation
  • Efficiently manages the login feature
  • Not very expensive on the pocket

Main WP:

ManageWP manage multiple WordPress plugin

ManageWP is one of the most powerful plug-ins to manage multiple WordPress on a single dashboard. WordPress CMS is an open-source platform where you can create N number of the websites within the single dashboard. You can easily manage the ManageWP plugin with 3 simple configurations. Just install ManageWP plugin on your main WordPress admin. Then install the ManageWP Child plugin on WordPress website, which you are going to integrate with the previously configured plugin. In the ManageWP dashboard, you have the option to connect the other WordPress site which you manage within the same dashboard.


  • MainWP plugin is free for everyone
  • Multiple WordPress Websites on a single dashboard
  • You can easily do the updates.
  • You can easily do the plugins and themes management in the backend
  • Easy Content Management System
  • You can easily manage the users of other WP website on a single dashboard.
  • Main WP provides a solution on the self-hosted and open source.
  • Back solution available for multiple WP sites.
  • Main WP provides a security solution and user security scanner is also available.
  • You can easily monitor the website uptime and downtime.
  • Main WP provides information about Vulnerable Plugins and Themes

Multisite Plugin Manager:

Multisite Plugin Manager

The Other name of Multisite Plugin Manager is WPMU plugin manager. The WPMU DEV Pro Sites plugin used by thousands of WordPress multisite users across the world. It supports native plugin page for managing multiple WordPress Website. With this plugin, you can easily manage the plugin permission of your other WordPress websites in the same network.


  • You can easily activate or deactivate the plugin on all website in your network.
  • Proving access permission on a special plugin to a particular website in your network is easy.
  • Managing access permission to the particular user on a website in your network.
  • You can easily assign the plugins permission for a website.
  • Group plugin activation is available in that plugin.

How should you choose?

Choose the right thing for you can always be a difficult task. But here is an extremely simplified recommendation. WP Remote, which is a free plugin is definitely the option to go with for early beginners and novices. The positive here is that it is free, which would be a delight for everyone who has just started as a hobby. However, once you see signs of growth of your business, would actually a very wise decision to switch over to a freemium one.

On the contrary, big business and processes, who manage multiple websites and blogs and make it big out of the online presence, a freemium plugin or a paid one is absolutely recommended. The moment you choose for a freemium one and get the paid add-on, you can be sure that you will receive some features that free software do not offer.


Gone are the days when managing multiple WordPress websites were to be difficult. You no longer need to log in to every site individually to make management changes, posts or analyze stats. With the help of some freemium and premium plugins, managing multiple websites on WordPress is extremely easy. These data will convince you to choose WordPress rather than any other platform to design and develop WordPress multisite.

Their setup isn’t difficult at all and they promise to offer every bit of the features that you would need.

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