Mobile App Development Cost And How Small Business Owners Are Cheated

November 17, 2018Leave a Comment
Mobile App Development Cost

Small business owners should possess an overall idea pertaining to Mobile App Development Cost so that they can save themselves from being cheated by shrewd mobile app developers or developing companies. Use of mobile devices is not just restricted to communicate with others verbally & textually but include accessing online services through mobile apps and …

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Native vs Hybrid App Development

May 31, 2018Leave a Comment

Mobile phones evolution has reached a new extent with the past decades. Nowadays almost everyone uses their smartphones even for all of their personal needs. It has likely become a part of one’s basic need for daily life. But a majority of people still in a confusion stage about native vs hybrid app development. With …

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10 Things a customer to be identified earlier than build their first Android app

May 21, 2018Leave a Comment

Hello Friends, I am writing this article about 10 things a customer to be identified earlier than build their first Android app for the first time and what are the main things to know before building an Android app. To know what is an android app; we should know what Android is and where it …

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Why VR and 360-degree is the Future of Website Design

December 8, 2017Leave a Comment

Today number of users use the internet to get their queries answered. In the same way business owners get an opportunity to grab people for selling their products. The most important thing is “Website” that comes to our mind when a business needs its online presence. Henceforth, you seek out for a website design firm. …

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ANDROID PAY: Shop with your Android Phone

October 15, 2017Leave a Comment
ANDROID PAY: Shop with your Android Phone

Android Pay is an interesting service that has launch by Google. This particular service avails the Android Phone users to pay for their purchase in a single tab. Hereafter no wallet or card is needed when you are at shopping. Your Smartphone will do everything easily and at the same time safely. For mobile payments, …

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Google Map + Android Wear Brings World In Your Wrist

September 10, 2017Leave a Comment
Google Map + Android Wear Brings World In Your Wrist

Undoubtedly, technology has brought the whole world into our palms through mobile phones. Now, Android wear has wrapped the world in our wrist. Google Map Android Wear play a huge role in Mobile application development. Google Map is obviously a wonderful option to find a particular place and reach the remote corner of the world without any chaos. …

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How to Make a Great Mobile App

June 6, 2017Leave a Comment
How to make a great mobile App

From its modest beginnings, the mobile app market is accelerated to reach $143 billion in 2016. The figure varies depending on the research firm and consultancies. But the pie is large and everyone can have a share of it through in-app purchases, in-app ads, and big data. The most promising areas are social networks, utility, …

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