Native vs Hybrid App Development

Native vs Hybrid App Development

Mobile phones evolution has reached a new extent with the past decades. Nowadays almost everyone uses their smartphones even for all of their personal needs. It has likely become a part of one’s basic need for daily life. But a majority of people still in a confusion stage about native vs hybrid app development.

With the alterations and advancement in the technology, the market value of the smartphones changes with its features and other factors. Almost smartphones are used for reading emails, making calls, making notes, reminders, music, social-networking, financial banking etc..,

If you are keen to learn about native Vs hybrid app development or if you wish to develop a mobile application for smartphone, first decide yourself before proceeding an app developing whether to proceed with the Native or the Hybrid development. We will let you know everything clear and in detail about mobile apps for business.

Before proceeding, you need to plan all about the processes, how the way your app should look like, how about the features and usage, cost and time, most importantly the native app or the hybrid app.

Native App Development:


Native app development is one code that is being used for one specific product. In general, a native app development is developed specifically for a mobile operating system like Java for Android.

Since the app is designed for this specific OS (Operating System) like Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows with its features, gestures, swiping, camera, GPS all other factors are associated with its Java code and hence it is built as with its guidelines.

Android’s mother Google provides app developers with their own interface elements and developer tools. Most of the companies prefer native app as with its user-friendly, performance-based and other benefits comparing to the other bases.


  • Very fast and responsive
  • Available in app store/play store
  • More interactive
  • Best performance
  • Has the access to all of its features
  • Can also be used in offline
  • The better user experience


  • You need experienced developers
  • Initial cost is high
  • Requires more time

Hybrid App Development:

Pickpack Magento

Hybrid app development is one code that is being used for almost all products with the difference in testing and modulations. It looks and feels like a native app but it is the web page application that is written in HTML or JavaScript which is wrapped in a native container that loads most of the information when the user navigates through the app.


  • One code for all platforms
  • Requires less time
  • Saves money
  • Easy scaling
  • Have also access to device features


  • Poor performance
  • User experience is not as good
  • Can be used only online

A Neutral Comparison of Native Vs Hybrid App Development

native vs hybrid app development


The native app requires more time for developing the app as the code has to be written separately for each platform. This also, in turn, costs a bit high comparing the hybrid app.

The Hybrid app requires only less time. A single code can be used with multiple platforms which also reduces the cost.

User Experience

UX is one of the most needed facts for developing a product or code. It has to be the best while the audience or customers use your product. If the UX is not satisfied then the customer will likely stop using the app.

The native app has the better user experience in comparison with the Hybrid app.


Basically, the native app’s performance is the best. As the hybrid apps are just like the browsers the performance differs with using the browser-based experience and an app-based experience which have all the info graphical representation, whereas in a hybrid app it is like the web pages that has the info.

If your app is of about just list of pages then a hybrid app is best for you. If the app is of about a game or anything with high animations it is recommended to go with the native app.

Time & Cost

If you have a lot of time, to sum up, and finalize the product then to introduce in the market with all specifications, performance, and guidelines to meet, then you can proceed with the native app. It requires quite a lot of time as the developer has to write codes specifically for each platform.

If that is not your case, you need the app to be introduced into the market within a short time; you can go with the hybrid app.

Also, the cost of building a hybrid app is a bit high comparing to the native app, whereas the cost of hiring app developers is low for hybrid app comparatively.

One such life example is one of the top-rated app FACEBOOK.

A few years back, the founder Mark Zuckerberg informed that their biggest mistake was betting too much into an HTML5. Facebook was once an HTML5 hybrid app that went into a native app for which the users celebrated with its features and performance.

Finally, the choice is yours.

We have given you all the suggestions and possibilities that work on with the native vs hybrid app development. There are different ways you take your app in different directions with some limitations as per the strategy of the developer or the company. Choose the best-suited mode of developing the app as with the structure and limitations. Hope now you could have got an idea of app developing.

Feel free to contact us for any suggestions. We are available to help you in Mobile application developing and also in marketing your app. Share your feedback and stay connected with us. Have a nice day.

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