What Does a WordPress Developer do in a Project Assigned?

What Does a Wordpress Developer Do

Building a website may seem to be a very complex thing to do. The complexities of coding, hosting and name-servers may seem to be big names that could escape over our heads any day. But ask a website developer and he would turn to you and say “It’s quite an easy job”. So what does …

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When and Why Should I Buy a WordPress Theme

Should I Buy a WordPress Theme

Should I buy a WordPress Theme or opt for free ones is a question that confuses the brain many times. People interested in launching their website and start a new blog might get tempted to opt for free ones so that no budget-related issues can ever challenge their launching plan. It is also justified to …

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Ultimate Benefits of Magento as Marketplace Solution

Ultimate Benefits of Magento as Marketplace Solution

People differ and so does their thought. There are many small and medium businesses. But finding a couple of businesses with the same necessities is tough. And that’s why it is important for businesses to have a flexible eCommerce platform. This is where Magento comes into action. The best e-commerce platform should fit in well …

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WooCommerce Step By Step Tutorial For Business Owners

WooCommerce Step by Step Tutorial

Are you looking for an easy-to-understand WooCommerce Step by Step Tutorial? You are at the right place then. With the advent of the Internet and simplified methods of online payment, the need for shopping portals has risen by leaps and bounds. The need to shop online arises from the fact that people do not have …

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How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Business?

How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Business

As an array of options is there on WordPress themes, business owners often get puzzle on how to choose a WordPress theme for business that will best suit their online business targets. A business website is developed and designed primarily for attracting targeted consumers & converting potential ones into actual buyers. Certain key factors and …

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How Painful is to Identify the Right WordPress Developer

It will not be wrong to claim that WordPress enjoys maximum popularity these days as one of the leading content management systems available. A business owner or an individual for personal promotion can build multiple types of websites using WordPress. To identify the right WordPress developer amongst the pool of many is a daunting task. …

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How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites Under One Roof [Updated]?

Wondering how to manage multiple WordPress websites without having to login to every one of them individually? WordPress is one of the easiest CMS to learn and is probably the most preferred among the people to go online with their business. Every step of the setup of a WordPress blog or website is extremely easy …

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