How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Business?

How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Business?

As an array of options is there on WordPress themes, business owners often get puzzle on how to choose a WordPress theme for business that will best suit their online business targets. A business website is developed and designed primarily for attracting targeted consumers & converting potential ones into actual buyers. Certain key factors and elements can be dotted on to ensure you are in the right direction while selecting WordPress themes for business.

At present, there are over 5,000 free WordPress themes and a pool of premium options available to users. If you are also among those who are currently experiencing difficulties in picking the right theme then rolling your eyes over the content here can help.

Though WordPress is a familiar name to the business community having a website anywhere in the country now, many are still unsure about the benefits of this website creation and blogging tool. Let’s now have a proper idea of how choosing an appropriate WordPress theme can be beneficial to one’s online business.

A Brief Introduction to WordPress & its Benefits

A Brief Introduction to WordPress & its Benefits
WordPress is an open-source content management system that helps anyone to create their own online website or blog, even without possessing any in-depth technical know-how. This helps in creating commercial websites, building eCommerce stores, portfolios, blogs, resumes, and social networks to name a few.

WordPress is popular due to these advantages:

  • It has a highly intuitive interface & is hassle-free to use.
  • Web-based so any device can use.
  • Search engine friendly and can improve search engine optimization efforts.
  • A features built-in blogging capabilities.
  • Highly extensible with 50,000 free WordPress plugins
  • Fully customization so crafting unique website design is possible.
  • Extremely scalable
  • Users can make simple updates on their own without any hassle.

WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is used to change and customize the design of your website and its layout. It determines how the website looks on the front-end, i.e. what a web visitor views while browsing the website on the web. A theme is in charge of the web and its content presentation. Quality design elements like videos and images can be added anywhere in the theme to make your website & its content more engaging than just being appealing.

Free or Premium WordPress Themes?

Free or Premium WordPress Themes?
Check your budget to ensure you can afford Premium ones. Check your requirements & expectations to decide if the flexibility and support offered by free ones are okay for your business site.

Free WordPress themes feature a simple design, restricted settings & options. Support hardly is receive and is not a quality choice for serious business sites.  On the other hand, premium themes are generally market by companies so feature high design quality, good support, well-organize personalization options, pre-sale forums etc.

Key Elements to Consider

Key Elements to Consider
Selecting the best suitable theme for your WordPress site might become somewhat easier if these vital points are focus on:

Understand Your Business Goal

First, try understanding what actually you intend to do with your website and what your business strategy actually is. WordPress Premium themes are classify by industry type but still, it is advise to take a note of what you will be selling and offering through your business site.

For example, if it is an e-commerce site, then the theme should provide room for

  • collaboration with multiple e-commerce platforms/plugins
  • Demo or dummy content
  • Social sharing buttons on all product/service pages
  • Email sign-up form
  • Shopping cart
  • Online testimonials

[BlockQuote]Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication[BlockQuote]

This is a quote by Leonardo da Vinci and it is true in every sense, especially when it comes to answering how to choose a WordPress theme for business. Overly complicated and stuffed presentation style (flashy animations & layouts) do not always succeed in capturing and sustaining the attention of web visitors. Look for a simple theme that features a layout design that actually supports your online business goals.

Organized & User-friendly Setting

The theme settings should all be position neatly in a single tab on the left-hand side of the WordPress dashboard. This will help to avoid navigating much around the dashboard and ensure hassle-free site personalization & management.

Mobile & Different Browser Readiness

A significant quantity of web traffic is derive from mobile and as such handheld devices. The maximum number of WordPress themes are already multi-device responsive design by default, where they automatically resize the site experience for smartphones, tablets etc. No matter what the site topic is and how impressive the web content is, Google displays mobile-friendly sites on top in their search results.

Users opt for many browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc to reach sites and its content. The WordPress theme you select should be compatible with all the popular browsers. The site needs to appear equally fine in different browsers.

SEO Friendliness

The WordPress theme needs to feature SEO readiness mandatorily if it is being used for business purpose. The theme should have a basic SEO framework, SEO optimization features as well as support SEO plugins. The feature list should have SEO mentions. Opt for themes featuring built-in SEO-friendly tags & headers. This shows a new path for everyone to DIY SEO and promote their business to dominate the organic search.

Popular Plugin Support

The WordPress theme needs to be chosen such that it supports the most popular plugins that every website (business or not) needs to have. W3 Total Cache, WPForms, WordPress SEO, OptinMonster, Soliloquy etc are few such plugins that WordPress theme selected has to provide room for SEO.

Large Headlines with Clear Typography

Large Headlines with Clear Typography
Choose a WordPress theme for your business that comes with large headlights and appropriate fonts. It makes the web pages more readable and easy to absorb for your web visitors. Headlines receive attention first before the remaining content.

Documentation and Support

Select a WordPress theme with good documentation and support option. Messing up with WordPress theme is not totally uncommon so this factor will come to the rescue at times of need.

Ratings and Reviews

It furnishes with an overall idea concerning how reliable the chosen WordPress themes can be. For premium WordPress themes, there will be a customer review section where you can find it. For free ones, the review/rating section is immediately below the download button.

Multi-lingual support

If your business plan includes delivering goods to different regions both inside and outside the border ensuring translation ready WordPress theme is necessary. It should feature multilingual WordPress plugins support.

Words of Caution

Words of Caution
While cruising through the countless theme options, users will find many WordPress themes feature an array of personalization options. In case coded improperly, however, these apparently advantageous options can make it a challenging task for users to modify themes. The user will get stuck with that theme and hire a website developer to change it. This situation also makes it difficult to employ other WordPress plugins similarly.

It should also be noted that even though few WordPress themes look visually stunning can negatively impact the loading speed of your website to an annoying extent! This, in turn, will ruin the chance to earn good search engine ranking as Google tends to rank faster websites higher. This is why selecting a WordPress theme for business or even for personal promotion needs to be done carefully and thoughtfully following some guidelines.

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