Top 15 Reasons to Explain Why Video Marketing is So Powerful

Top 15 Reasons to Explain Why Video Marketing is So Powerful

So, you are ready to make the start for video marketing? Well, the more sensible question is, why so late?

 There are reasons that I ask you for the delay. Well, Video marketing is a tangible way that makes your content shine.

Still worried that if it’s worth to invest in this style of marketing? well, then you need to read about it and then make the decision.

There are around thousands of blogs on every topic and the sad part is, that most of them remain unnoticed.

So, if you are dwindling your thumbs to make a start for video marketing. You are missing something very relevant for your company.

Here are the statistics that reveal a lot of important info about video marketing

  • Videos improve the conversion rate by 80% if they are available on the landing page
  • More than 90% of consumers believe that demo videos are easy to understand and helpful.
  • If the subject line has “video”, then it increases the chances for the opening rate.
  • Visitors dwell time increases 2.6 times more on a page with a video.

Videos also boost SEO as the dwell time on the page is increase and the ranking improves as a result. SEO Services will help you for website rank on search engine result page.

But you cannot post a video randomly to get the benefits. This directly or indirectly affects your website.

You need to know the right tactics and rules to get the paybacks from it. To understand it, first, let’s answer the question below.

Why Video Marketing is Growing at a Rapid Pace?

With video marketing, you are able to bring in more traffic which is still untapped for you. The rapid increase of YouTube and Facebook audience. There is a genuine rush to go for video marketing.

Why Focus on Video Marketing?

Because it is slowly creeping up and giving a nudge to blogging and content marketing. The trend suggests that it will grow at a rapid pace and ultimately rule the digital or better online marketing.

But there are filters to it. And the first one is that you cannot simply upload any video and your sales number will start increasing. You need to plan and then roll out things for your strategy.

Only those videos will produce results which have the goals and specific purpose in mind. In short, they are lace with the right tactics and are result oriented.

To get the best of video marketing, you need to know about it and focus on your strategies to get results.

To make things clearer, we here share 15 reasons to explain why video marketing is so powerful.

We have these 15 pointers to explain things in a more specific way. Reading them will give you an idea of why we recommend video marketing so strongly.

1. Videos Do Increase Conversions and Sales

Videos Do Increase Conversions and Sales

Videos lead to sales directly and we have already given the stats which proves the fact. Sellers who have videos explaining the details of the product or services are getting better sales. Than those who are simply relying on content for their marketing.

It is so because out of all the sense, vision is the one which rules. Buyers depend on what they see and do videos increase conversion rates.

2. Videos Have A Direct Impact On ROI

Conversions, sales, and ROI are interrelating. They all have their impact from videos. Which are responsible for the waves in the final result- ROI. Different tools available even the smartphone is capable of making a perfect video. This means that the investment to make a tutorial or a simple conversation video is much less.

The ROI is, therefore remaining high with video marketing.

3. Trust Is Fuel by Videos

It is an age-old thing that still works, without trust the buyer will not make the deal. It is the foundation for any deal. Also triggers the long-term relationship between buyers and sellers. But, when you are on the online platform, you are not able to visualize your buyer and even the buyer cannot see you.

But with videos now you can make yourself appear in front of them.

They know you, realize your presence. Get a face which they can recognize and then proceed to make the purchase.

4. Google Appreciates Videos

This is true!! Google loves those sites where visitors spend a good amount of time. This high dwell time indicates. You have good and informational content for your visitors. This finally increases the chance of getting the right search result ranking.

This is where video marketing is absolutely necessary. Optimizing your videos for YouTube SEO will help you for this particular pointer. Appearing for the right search results is very essential. So the need for video marketing increases.

5. Mobile Users Are More Comfortable

Most of the searches are now made from mobile is a known fact. All over the world, searches use this device to find solutions for their queries. And Why not? Mobile searches can make even while. They are on the go, taking short breaks, going to the office and even better traveling. It saves their time.

With videos, they do not have to give entire focus on the content and watch it along while doing some other work.

6. Videos Explain Better

This is the reason most of the product or service companies launch seminars and workshop videos. Tell the audience in details about the features and details. It takes much less time than with written words.

Audience can understands the content in much less time than by reading a block of content. They might miss out details while reading. But they remember more details with an explainer video.

7. They Take Less Time

Videos are fast, in a few minutes they can explain a lot of details. In compare to written blogs and articles, they take less time and have a better approach.

It is a known fact that our brain is lazy. So, anything that comes in simple ways is always understood first and in a better way.

Videos do the job perfectly. Explaining and describing videos attract more audience when compared with blogs.

Marketing of these videos adds a lot of impact on the performance of the products and services.

8. They Can Tap Even the Lazy Buyers

Most of the things that sell need to create a demand for themselves. Didn’t get my point? Let’s analyze. The products and services that are launch in the market or are already there. Does not being a significant change or have urgency from the buyer to invest money in them.

Marketing creates demand, and with video marketing, the urgency created.

Even the procrastinators who are delaying the purchase. Without any tangent reason are instigated to buy when they watch a nice and educative video.

9. Social Shares Are Encourage with Videos

Social Shares Are Encourage with Videos

With social share the range of audience increased and you get to reach the maximum number of people. Each social platform has its own dedicated audience. With the videos you can tap them for your product or services.

You can ask your audience politely to share and like if they find the content in the video valuable.

But one thing is for sure. Social media appreciates interpersonal messages, and so you cannot post any kind of content on these platforms. To get the right attention, the content of these platforms has to be perfect and targeted.

Do not mess by posting any kind of video in these social media shares.

10. Emails Campaigns Have Better Results with Videos

The subject line with “video” has a much better opening rate. People want to see what is there for them. The inquisitive level is high with these subject lines.

It works and instigates action to the receiver.

11. Story Telling Still Works

How to break the monotony for the audience? Well, speak not like a preacher but like a storyteller. This will relax them and make them feel comfortable.  If you always trying to promote and preach, they tend to get annoyed as everyone else is doing the same.

To create your own niche, videos which describe everything in the form of a story are better accepted.

Videos that do the same are perfect and you need the marketing skills to boost them.

 This does not appear promotional as well. so, marketing of these

12. Videos are Easy to Create

You do not need the fortune to create a mind-blowing video. Even a smartphone is enough to make a vlog or video. This reduces the cost and overall expense of marketing. There are free tools available which make the work much simple and easy.

A perfect mobile with a plain background is enough to create a watchable video. This has increased the demand for marketing them as they are really made on a shoestring budget.

13. Majority of Viewers Pick Watching Over Reading

This is quite obvious, getting answers to their searches will always look for much simple options. Given a choice of picking watching over reading is absolutely perfect for the modern age audience as they do not want to waste time reading the wall of content.

Watching is easy, simple, and saves a lot of time of the searcher.

14. Videos Make the Audience Feel More Connected

They get a face to recognize as they now get more connected and familiar with the brand. The audience knows more details if the website has a video. The company which post videos speaks about its work culture, mission and vision and of course has a dialogue which has a human interface.

Online audience welcomes it with an open heart, why? Because they are tired of words and AI generated results. Even chatbots are AI commanded and so wonder the videos are a refreshing change.

They connect well and understand that are interchanging with a human when they get a video to watch.

15. Brand Is Recalled Quickly

Do you our brain is a huge library and can store details which are captured with our senses? When you watch you tend to learn and memorize quickly?  This is the reason that kids at the preliminary stages are made to watch content so that they do not put the extra effort to read and understand.

Your audience too appreciates when you show them about your company. They recall the brand quickly and believe me, this is the reason that commercials are always more successful in the audio-video medium than the print media.

Your logo, brand image, taglines are fast recalled when they see it on the audio-video medium.

This is the probable reason why everyone is so concerned about video marketing.

Final thoughts

Making videos for the purpose of marketing needs knowledge, creativity, and a deep understanding of human psychology. With the perfect blend of this important elements, You can create overwhelming results from marketing these videos.

Advertising is now done at a different level. You need to meet your audience at different platforms. Else you will get lost in the cut throat competition. The whole idea of video marketing is to voice about your presence in a more casual way.

But the only term and condition are to be creative. Don’t compromise on the quality of content.

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