Latest SEO Trends to Watch in 2019

Latest SEO Trends to Watch in 2019

Getting a website to rank up higher on the index of Google or any other search engine isn’t one of the easiest things to do as ascertaining what is actually happening in SEO is a little tricky. What’s makes it tricky is keeping up with the ever-changing trend in the algorithms that search engines (especially Google) implement on the websites to follow.

If your business is encircled on the online platform mainly, taking advantage of the SEO strategies is the core of the entire structure. Writing content for websites, running blogs and maintaining a healthy social media presence is just beginning into the scheme of things. If you miss out on the latter steps, you will (most certainly) miss the bus that could take you to being a recognized website and include you in the good books of Google.

SEO Tips and Tricks – Then and Now

Gone are the days when including keywords in articles and getting backlinks by guest posting assured success in the business by driving an envious number of traffic, generating high page views every month. What is actually happening in SEO nowadays is a lot different than that because with the introduction of the Panda algorithm in 2011, followed by the Penguin in 2012, strict rules began to be implemented. Moreover, with every new update made on these algorithms, things started to become a little difficult, thereby cutting down on a huge number of fake websites or the irrelevant ones from the priority.

Hence, as of now, SEO tactics for any web business is much more than just keyword stuffing and low-quality spam backlinks. In fact, as triggered by the Panda update made by Google, thin or duplicate content and low-quality articles. Moreover, the SEO algorithms nowadays even target blogs that have a very unbalanced content-to-ad ratio or low-quality content affiliate links in the surrounding. Hence, for 2019, we have moved a lot ahead over what SEO algorithms used to be back in the easy days. Here is the latest SEO trend that is worth adopting for every such business.

Contents that are Worth Linked and Extremely Useful

For 2019, the biggest resolution for bloggers is to create useful content that would be very user-focused. Straight and useful information is what drives people to the blog, and now, it would drive you to the good books of the search engines. Apparently, blog posts and contents that are specifically created to answer the queries of the visitors will be extremely link-worthy and would be helpful to generate organic traffic.

The Focus is on Voice Search

Voice search is almost one of the most promising future for the SEO algorithms. In fact, the percentage of people relying on voice search has been increasing overwhelming in recent times, thanks to the growth of related mediums.

Hence, forming content that revolves on keywords isn’t the wisest thing to now. Instead, a better score will be allotted (figuratively) to the blogs that have a very conversational and are focused on the searchers’ and visitors’ intent. Bots used by the search engine can interpret the content pretty well and give special credit to the ones that are more informative and answers all the users’ questions.

Quenching the Searchers’ Intent

Forming content around specific keywords is long gone and history now. What matters now is how much of a savior your blogs are to the readers who are desperate to find an answer to their questions. Hence, as bloggers yourself, the primary goal should be answering the questions of your readers rather than focusing on the irrelevant long tail and short keywords. The contents that are the most relevant to what the people need will be given higher priority.

Long Contents are in

SEO trends - How fast the website is

Writing content has always been about the minimum word count that has to maintain. At one point of time, blogs that just crossed 300 words were considered to be enough and this lower limit has always been dynamic. But, for 2019, the algorithms of search engines have prioritized long contents, blogs that are around 1,500 words or above. Such long posts have mostly performed well for the year, much to the surprise of the people who always thought crisp and to-the-point articles were the way to go. As studies prove, long content pages received more backlinks than otherwise.

Social Media Engagement Matters

This isn’t anything new to some experienced SEO experts. Social media engagement is something that has been in the news for quite some time now. Most of the search engines have shown immense priority on the engagement of the content on social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Re-tweets, shares and clicks can get the website to be listed among the top ones.

Hence, it is time to build your audience on social media and share your links up there, and if they are interesting and informative, it will attract high engagement.

The Smartphone Resurgent

Believe it or not, 2019 has seen Google take giant strides towards prioritizing smartphones as an important interface. The shift from the desktop-based interface to mobile-friendly websitelooks imminent now and the websites that have a richer layout for the small screens have benefited.

Remember the time when Google announced that the page speed for mobile device layouts would also be a factor for the ranking of the website or blog?

How Fast the Website is

Faster loading and sprinting web pages have always pleased the visitors. However, at the moment, the site speed is a big issue even for search engines too. And drawing back to the same incident when Google announced the importance of site speed for ranking, it is officially an important factor now. Apart from just the search engines, faster website speed would even please the visitors. And as a matter of fact, no one likes long load-time.

Look to Get the Video SEO Right

SEO trends - How fast the website is

This isn’t a hidden truth that videos occupy a chunk of our daily searches, evidently making YouTube the second biggest search engine in the world. In fact, according to a study conducted by Cisco, by the end of 2021, video search will account for more than 82% of the total internet traffic consumed by the users. So, there could be no better time than 2019 to embrace the change and focus on making use of the opportunity that comes along with creating some well SEO-optimized video content for your brand.

Aim for Google Quick Answer Box

You might have noticed that at times, Google comes up with a small list relevant to your search terms right at the top of the results. This is called Google’s Quick Answer Box, which is taken from the website or blog that is more relevant to the searchers’ queries. Right from the Hummingbird update back in 2015 and the Rank Brain, Google made huge changes to its algorithms that worked on the Quick Answer Box, making it more relevant to the user’s question and not just the keywords. Hence, once you are up there, you can be assured that your website is doing well.

Summing up the SEO Trends for 2019

The trend in the SEO has evolved each year and has called out to the bloggers to make massive changes in the way they make things available to the users. And due to the dynamism of this trend, being proactive and knowing what is actually happening in SEO has always been the key. Though some of the old SEO tactics are still around 20% effective, over-doing them may lead to the website being penalized for the spam-my approach. As for an example, keyword-focused articles (especially long-tail keywords) still work, but keyword stuffing will have an adverse effect on your reputation in the eyes of Google and your ranking may see a sudden and steep fall.

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