UI or UX Which One Suits Best for Your Website

UI or UX Which One Suits Best for Your Website

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It is a great topic to debate all the time, whether to choose UI or UX to suit for your website. Before moving further we need to know what actually these acronyms stands for. The term UI stands for User Interface Design while the term UX refers to User Experience Design. But both of these are contemporary for each as both are crucial to any product closely together.

If not talking about the professional relationship between the two, they can simply seem to be too different as they refer to different processes and different parts of design aspects. UI design considered to refer only graphic design of a website while the UX design is more towards technical as well as the analytical field.

Understanding the User Experience Design

ui or ux which one suits best for your website

User experience design can be elaborated as the process to enhance customer satisfaction by implementing pleasure, usability improvement and ease of use that can provide more interaction between the customer and the product.

The UX design imposes interaction between all types of the customer whether potential or active. In terms of the website the UX includes some major aspects like website’s content, support systems, designs, and structures.

Responsibilities of a UX Designers for a website

UX is also popular as ‘Designing for Emotion’ as it is most important and cannot be ignored. The User experience designer must understand all its customer’s feelings because only by this way websites can have emotional attachments with users.

For example, it can be justified if any user is navigating through your website for products and services they could find a new world which provides step by step guides and walk through to get better product and services.

It can be difficult to imagine anything about the user experience designs if you have not seen User experience work in actual. Here are the strategy and content for user experience design that must be taken into account:

  • Customer Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Development
  • Product Structure and Strategy

The user experience designing process consists of many stages in particular designs:

  • Wire framing
  • Prototyping the basic design
  • Testing or iteration
  • Development Planning

The UX design consists of many analysis in order to achieve the user’s expectation.

  • Coordination with User Interface designers
  • Coordination with another developer
  • Tracking all goals and Integration
  • Analysis and iteration.

Hence we can conclude that the user experience design is a process of improvement and development of building relationships between the company and the users. The UX design is responsible for research, development, testing, and prototyping in order to verify the quality results.

User experience is a good thing but it cannot be fulfilled through all its aspects until you opt for its counterpart: User interface design.

Understanding the User interface Design

ui or ux which one suits best for your website

The User Interface design is a cumulative task of making and optimizing the products for effective and enjoyable use of customers. The user interface design is mainly related to graphics, look and feel and the presentation and interactivity of a product. But like user experience (UX) it is also a necessary part of any website designing. It basically concentrates on the overall presentation and interactivity of the websites to lure customers.

Responsibilities of a User Interface designer

As a user interface designers, the basic role of anyone is related to graphics/visual front-end design. The main attention of UI designers should be on improving the overall feel of the product and the way it is shown on the websites. When talking about the job description you will be mainly involved in page designing that can further be used for interacting with the products.

Some of the most featured responsibilities of a UI designer includes UI prototyping design researching, branding, implementation, graphics development, documentation, and the user guides. It’s about the creation of a cohesive style guide in order to maintain consistency in different visual elements. But here are main things to consider while checking out responsibilities of UI design.

Look & Feel:

  • Design Research
  • Customer Analysis
  • Graphics Development and Branding
  • User Walk through

Some of the major steps which need to be taken during the UI designs are:

  • UI prototyping
  • Interactivity
  • Adaptive to all device screen
  • Developer implementation

As an interactive designer, UI holds a crucial role in any digital interface and website design. Hence, we can conclude that UI design is responsible for visual assets and strength of brand so that it can enhance the user’s experience throughout the website. It can further estimate as the process of visually guiding the customers with interactive elements along all size of platforms.

UI or UX Which One Suits Best for Your Website and Which one is more important?

UI and UX both are equally useful for any website for the convenience of users. For this case, we have a popular quote by the designer and expert Helga Moreno.

“Something that looks great but is difficult to use is exemplary of great UI and poor UX. While something very usable that looks terrible is exemplary of great UX and poor UI.”

Hence I think it is quite clear that both the UX and UI are crucial for success for any website. In case if you want to use any one of the two then your choice must not be dependent on which one is better. When we talk about learning the skills there are several established institutions which offer great boot camp programs which can make you understand the nuts and bolts of UI and UX design. There is a huge range of online resources also from where you can opt for design classes.

UX and UI designs are two different disciplines which share a similar motto and they do have recognizable differences also.

Similarities between UI and UX designs

UI and UX designs are very similar in the field of webs designing and development as the basic motto of both is to make customer satisfies. Here are some basic similarities between the two.

  • The primary and basic objective of improving customer satisfaction
  • Focus on user and interaction on the product and services
  • Has capability to apply on any type of websites.

Difference between UI and UX designs

UX is mainly focused on the reliability and ease provided to customers through a website while the UI designs are focused on how a surface of the product will look and how it will operate.

Every UX designer is concerned with only concepts behind any kind of designing process while the UO designer mainly focuses on the tangible entities to make them more attractive and easy to use.

We cannot actually compare the UI and UX as they’re not related to single thing both are them represents a different area of interest.

User interface design is generally related to visual design and other information all around the screen of a website while user experience design is all about the complete experience and it may not even consider the full screen.

When taking user interface design into considering we get to know it is only about the product and a series of its snapshots in single time while the UX focuses on the user experience and their journey through the website or product.

User experience is an overall experience that a user feels about the single product and the user interface is the things that users actually interact with and look forward.

It’s all about the interchangeability of terms as Don Norman has said “They just sort of entered the vocabulary and no longer have any special meaning. People use them often without having any idea why, what the word means, its origin, history, or what it’s about.”

Bring it all together

UI and UX designs are two distinct things when compared according to the work, but they can be completely related when it comes to applying them. They are in such a field since they should never be separated as both of them are the necessity of a website these days in order to gain customer satisfaction.

There are independent aspects regarding the design world and the UI and UX designs should never run without having the coordination from each other. As a summary, UI and UX designs are a topic of debate and it will be always a state of mind what we choose from them when we needed just one of them.

Don’t decide and Go for both!!

It is a question of all time that what should we opt for, in between the UI and UX designs? But it must be clear that both UI and UX used for different from each other and are supplementary to each other. So you don’t need to choose one in between them you must go for both. This can provide you great competitive advantages as you will be able to do both analytical and project management. Along with this you can also include aesthetics and interactions.

The user interface design and user experience design, both stands for the sake of users. It helps to make a website that makes customers satisfied and provide more reliability and ease of operation. So both are necessary for the customer’s point of view. But still if you have further justifications then you can write to us about the same in our comment section.

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