WooCommerce Step By Step Tutorial For Business Owners

WooCommerce Step By Step Tutorial For Business Owners

Are you looking for an easy-to-understand WooCommerce Step by Step Tutorial? You are at the right place then. With the advent of the Internet and simplified methods of online payment, the need for shopping portals has risen by leaps and bounds. The need to shop online arises from the fact that people do not have time to go to the physical stores. It is an art to develop a wordpress site that looks genuine and sells products that will ultimately satisfy the consumers.

However, if you are one of the small business owners build an online store and who cannot afford to go for highly paid and maintained e-commerce solution, then you should place your bets on WooCommerce. It is a free e-commerce solution for WordPress users.

WooCommerce Step-by-Step Tutorial: Installation

WooCommerce Step-by-Step Tutorial: Installation

To understand and make full use of this e-commerce solution, you should learn the ways and means to install and use WooCommerce. It will help in making the process smooth enough for you.

  • Step 1: Type in the keyword WooCommerce in the WordPress Repository, you will see the e-commerce plugin options, and you can install the plugin from there.
  • Step 2: Once you install the program, you will be able to see a prompt that will ask you to ‘activate’ the plugin. You can learn how plugins can help you to automate many tasks.
  • Step 3: You will come to the homepage of the setup, which is like a WooCommerce Step by Step Tutorial walkthrough, or you can start working on the system on your own by clicking on ‘Not right now.’
  • Step 4: After the completion of the first process, you can go to the store setup. The store setup will ask about the details of your whereabouts that helps in creating a faster link to the website.
  • Step 5: If you take the step-by-step method of understanding, the system will be installed in such a way that it will let you make the prerequisite pages that are required for creating a shopping link on WordP These pages include shop, cart and checkout options.
  • Step 6: You can do the shipping and tax setup on the website. Filling in the details about shipping and tax setup is essential for you. If you have partnered with a courier service that has an excellent reputation in the market, then you can mention the same online for consumers benefit.
  • Step 7: Once the necessary steps of setting up are complete, you can jump to the payment methods. It helps you to take online as well as offline payments. You can pick and choose the payment options from the ones available and later on add additional methods to the kitty to look like a perfect website with payment options for customer satisfaction and ease of use.
  • Step 8: In the extras section, you can go on and install the Storefront theme and switch it on to ease out the process. It is one of the most coveted themes online that will make the website look more genuine and worth trusting.
  • Step 9: If you use the extra features of Jetpack in the activate section, you will receive bonus benefits like better security for the consumers and will get to do store monitoring as well. The better the level of protection in your website, the better are the chances of attracting a potential audience that believes in your products.
  • Step 10: You can start with the sales store after entering the necessary details of ‘Contact us’, emailing addresses and importing the products that you wish to sell on the website.

WooCommerce Step-by-Step Tutorial: Management of Products

WooCommerce Step-by-Step Tutorial: Management of Products

After you have performed the complete setup of WooCommerce, you can get back to your original WordPress site in order to implement the steps. There, you will see two new options, namely, Woocommerce and Products. To start working on an e-commerce site, it is essential to add products to the website. You can do those steps quite easily, by going to admin and clicking on additional products in the products section.

It is imperative to add some descriptions and title to the products that you have added. It makes things easy for the customers to search on the panel when looking for a specific product.

Further looking into the WooCommerce Step by Step Tutorial, when you add the product data to the screen, at that time, you being the user, will notice that there are several details that you need to fill like the selling price of the product, virtual or downloadable product, inventory, and shipping of the product. You should fill the data for releasing complete information to the consumer.

The Emerging Trends

Woocommerce - The Emerging Trends

The business owners are using Woocomerce to their benefit in more than one way possible. It lets you create a website that is used for selling products with a higher level of security. The constant innovation in WooCommerce has made it the number one option for the users.

For all the common people, who have little or no knowledge related to the e-commerce shopping, venturing into the online world has become quite an easy task to accomplish. Even small business owners or start-ups, all around the globe that have a limited budget to spend on these options can now go for the free yet near-perfect WooCommerce setup on their website. These emerging trends in wordpress help to skyrocket your sales like anything.

Some of the emerging trends in the zone are as under:

Create a Lively Product Page

Create a Lively Product Page

With the progress in the field of Internet and rise in the ways of utilizing it to your benefit, the business owners have now resorted to creative means of selling products online. For example, Woocommerce has the option of uploading the 360-degree view of each product that you upload.

It gives an extra edge to your website and attracts consumers who will be sure of what they are buying from your site. There is an additional feature on the product pages wherein you can add more details about the product for a better understanding of the consumers.

Adaptive to Mobile

Woocommerce Adaptive to Mobile

Research suggests that most of the purchases made online are done on the smartphones. WooCommerce store is responsive and mobile friendly too. It enables people to log on fast and get what they want within a short span. You can apply any kind of themes for your site, from a wide variety of themes online to make your website more appealing to the consumers, even if they are not logging in on a big screen. Flatsome, Woomobify, and Mobile stores are some of the most coveted themes that you can use with the help of Woocommerce.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in WooCommerce

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in WooCommerce

Artificial intelligence has taken over the world, and the e-commerce websites have done their bit to make things easy for the consumer. With the introduction of chatbots online, the consumer can interact and give their feedback on the products consumed. A well-fed programme that can answer the query of the consumers and assist them in making the purchases has replaced the manual labor. Round the clock services on these platforms are helpful for people who only have time in odd hours to purchase the items that they need and can get help from these programs. Some of the Woocommerce friendly bots are WooWBot, Facebook messenger for Woocommerce and Omise.

The use of artificial intelligence is extended to the personalization of the shopping experience. The bots can assist in making the purchase by suggesting items that are similar to the products already viewed or searched by the consumer. They can also refer to the consumer by name and welcome them back the second time if they have purchased something before from the same portal. It helps the consumers in feeling at ease while they are shopping and the element of bluffing while buying online is eradicated.

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