How Painful is to Identify the Right WordPress Developer

How Painful is to Identify the Right WordPress Developer

It will not be wrong to claim that WordPress enjoys maximum popularity these days as one of the leading content management systems available. A business owner or an individual for personal promotion can build multiple types of websites using WordPress. To identify the right WordPress developer amongst the pool of many is a daunting task. It is really important to find a professionally expert WordPress developer to get the job done.

In this article, some useful information will be shared. Help an individual find a reliable and credible WordPress developer, to build professional grade-websites for business or personal growth.

Some light on WordPress

Identify the Right WordPress Developer

WordPress is an open-source CMS that is based on MySQL & PHP, featuring a plugin architecture. It is also widely used as a freely available popular blogging tool. As per web technologies surveys conducted by W3Techs, WordPress presently is report nearly 30% of all websites run on WordPress. It offers excellent scopes to innumerable entrepreneurs, developers and designers to develop a website and build their businesses upon WordPress.

According to a recent report, it will be interesting to note that. WordPress is claimed to power thousands of government websites across the globe. It is also used by educational organizations and academic institutions throughout the world. In order to reap the maximum benefits that WordPress can offer to its users, finding an experienced WordPress developer is very important, to kickstart your project.

Identify the Right WordPress Developer

Right WordPress Developer

After going through the information pertaining to the WordPress popularity and the ease of doing web development using it. One might think they can just hire anyone to do the job. An individual, without possessing any PHP expertise and exercising some basic internet skills, can use WordPress to develop websites. But can never claim to be qualified as a WordPress developer.

Being able to create a WP (WordPress) plugin does not qualify one as a credible WP developer. A WordPress developer has the acquired talent and training to design custom plugins and modules for WP automation. She/he will possess an in-depth understanding of WordPress, its core functions and the way they perform.

If an individual seeks the help of an amateur with no knowledge and training (questionable talent) for developing WP websites, it will be a waste of money and time. This is because some serious skills will be missing in those sites and again someone else needs to be hired to fix them.

WordPress Developer is not an WordPress Designer!

WordPress Developer

It is very crucial to understand and take a note of this as people use these two terms interchangeably, which is wrong! A WP developer has a good understanding of PHP, HTML, MYSQL, JQUERY, CSS, JAVA. In addition to these, their know-how on WordPress core, themes and plugins need to be very good.

On the other hand, web designers help to design the overall look and feel of your website. They work with the site layout, colors, fonts, architectural style and other design elements. This is why when you are looking for a WP developer, do not use the term WP designer to address them!

There are many who claim to have considerable expertise in both. But beware if their claims sound too good to be true. Know in detail what you actually need and look for a web developer or a designer or a hybrid of two specialized service provider judiciously. It will not be a very painful experience then.

Things to Look for While Hiring Right WordPress Developer

Right WordPRess Developer

In your quest to identify the right WordPress developer for your projects, try taking into consideration these things

Search for WordPress developers locally

Hiring WordPress development and maintenance services from those companies that are based locally can help in easing the pain to a certain extent. When you find yourself in any kind of problem, you can contact and clear your confusion without any hassle. The right WordPress developer always gives proper attention to the clients and makes them feel important.

Run away if they misspell ‘WordPress’

It might sound a bit funny to many, but do remember not to trust a self-acclaimed WP developer or a company who writes WordPress as “Wordpress” or “WordPress”. A genuine and really professional WordPress developer or at least someone from the WordPress community would not do this silly yet major mistake. It reveals their unprofessional attitude and ignorance.

Look for cost-efficiency, Not cheap services

Remember, one of the ways to find the right WordPress developer is to see if they can perform efficiently to offer excellent web developments services at an affordable price value. Do not trust the ones who offer you to provide WordPress CMS solution at a fraction of cost. Other reliable companies or developers usually ask for. It will be a bad decision as very soon you will be hiring someone to fix the issues that will pop up surely. They cannot be trustworthy WordPress developers.

Track their service record

The right WordPress developer will be professional enough to maintain the project guidelines, respect the deadlines and stand true to their words. It can really be quite helpful if you can check their past record and find. If the one you are considering to hire has the habit of submitting the project on time or not. If she/he enjoys a good record, the pain of selecting the right one can be healed a lot.

Develop an eye for their professionalism

No metric and important tips can help one flawlessly judge and identify the righteousness of a WordPress developer. You need to look for certain positive signs that a professionally experienced web developer generally have. A professional and an experienced WordPress developer will present you with a contract and discuss the contractual terms, estimated deadlines & budget, milestones, ongoing support etc. If your chosen one is not bringing up these discussions but showing interest to kick-start your project right away, do not trust them. It is not a good sign.

Right ones work with the best open-source software

Your pain to find the right WordPress developer can be lessened a bit. If you can ensure that the developer uses the credible open source software. The right WP developer always looks for ensuring good speed of the site and SEO-friendly themes for your website. The right ones are generally witnessing to opt for most popular yet user-friendly programming language and best software available.

All these tips will be of considerable help to assist you to identify the right WordPress developer for your project. In case of deciding on a right WordPress developing company, always chose the ones that enjoy a decent level of market reputation in the field. In this cut-throat competitive business world, no company can enjoy popularity and confidence of their clients if it disappoints them. Identifying the right WordPress developer might be tough, but not painful.

To ease the difficulties further, you are advised to understand and have a clear idea of the purpose they are being hired so that you can communicate the same to them and brief them clearly. A proper briefing will help you get an accurate estimate of time and expenses needed that will help you set a timeline and a budget.

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