7 App Store Optimization Tips and Tricks to Improve App Ranking

7 App Store Optimization Tips and Tricks to Improve App Ranking

For an application to grow or succeed in the highly competitive App store, one needs to keep the basics right. In this blog, we speak about 7 App Store Optimization tips and tricks. Each quarter Mobile App sales are generating revenue for companies in Billions of dollars. So, the incessantly fast-growing industry needs some fine tweaking or optimization to come ahead of the competition. Thus the rise of App Store Optimization or ASO is necessary to fare better in search results.

Here we have 7 App Store Optimization tips and tricks to optimize your mobile App. These optimization tips increase your page ranking and make it visible to millions of potential customers:

7 App Store Optimization Tips and Tricks

7 App Store Optimization Tips and Tricks

The Title is Most Important so Choose Wisely

The title is the primary element which needs to sort out first and to make it better

  • Keep it short up to 25 characters: A short title would be visible clearly on smaller screens, without the tail being cut because of its length.
  • Innovation is key: Make the title slightly unique and also make it relatively catchy which people would remember after hearing or seeing it once.
  • Use keywords intelligently: Excess keywords in the App title, as space is limit to play with, use just one keyword with an effective short title.

App Descriptions will play a major role in app search

The simple yet effective App descriptions laden with the right amount of keywords can be quite effective for ASO.

  • Make the description Crisp: Short and succinct description for your app would engage your customers. Put across your point in the first two lines.
  • Do not over-use keywords: Sometimes many people opt for repetitive keywords usage which makes little sense because using too many similar keywords can generate negative review & experience, and your app could get suspended.

Choose keywords that suit best for the app

The right kind of keywords for your App can make your page rank high in search results:

  • Keywords that matter: Use keywords that describe your App in the right manner. Carry out an extensive research, and find out the word that would make your App more relevant for the user.
  • Think of the user experience: The keyword should engage the customer, and it should be something you might search personally.

Optimizing Screenshots/Videos

Think of it as a visual experience, so the screenshots or videos give the user an idea of your App.

  • Desirability: The image or App screenshot should be attractive and not dull. It would gradually increase traffic and downloads, as people like a good visual experience.
  • Creative Explainer or App Video: You should have an innovative App video, showcasing the key features of the App. It doesn’t be too long and not too boring for the user, try to show the features as creatively as possible.

Optimizing Icons

Icons are the fundamental standpoint through which users recognize the brand or company. The user can be quite critical of a badly made icon design.

  • First Impression matters: The first time a user sees an Icon, he or she should get over by the design.
  • Size: For App Store, the design should be originally 1024 x 1024 pixels, then it would resize or readjust by Apple for Mac, iPhone, iPad, according to screen size and type.
  • Color: Then for the design using a color palette, and you should know your targetted user, and what color he or she may like.
  • Blue is generally used by Social networking or networking Apps or websites like Facebook, Instagram (originally), LinkedIn, Skype & many others. As blue is a color that represents truth, honesty, trustworthiness along with intellect & communication.

Ratings are one of the factors in app position

Positive feedback or review always helps in any kind of business. A series of positive ratings or reviews can make your App rank higher above the rest because at the end everyone loves a product or App which engages the user in the best of ways.

  • Reviews & rating: A good testimonial or appraisal would work in your favor, if someone reads it and finds it engaging, they would surely download the App, and give you a better rating. The ratings can only change gradually, for that the user experience has to be taken care of.
  • User Feedback Counts: Always try to engage the user by asking for feedback, if there is a dearth in the user experience try to resolve it in the next update.

 Download numbers will make difference in app ranking

The number of downloads is never shown to the user, the user sees the rating and also reads the keywords, the logo, and screenshots to judge preliminarily whether it is worthwhile to download the App.

  • A lot of downloads~Higher App rating: If people download the App voraciously it would start to rank higher in the search, and it is usually an accelerated growth from there.
  • Promotion: Downloads will increase when you promote your App through social media, conventional and unconventional marketing strategies. And an increase in traffic or downloads would eventually result in better ranking.

For ASO or App Store Optimization you need to keep all the fundamentals correct. As downloads, ratings would increase and also your revenue when you have followed these fundamental points. It is a process that needs to constantly evolve. If you are not sure how to do it effectively, you can always seek help.

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