Boost Traffic to Your App with Free + Paid Review Websites

Boost Traffic to Your App with Free + Paid Review Websites

The app developers can understand the value of marketing and generating word of mouth about their apps. People must know about the app, and it is possible only when they come across app reviews. To get this initiated, the best way is to acquire reviews from app reviewers. There are various app review websites providing free and paid services to start the conversation about your app that will ultimately boost traffic to your app.

App review websites are many in number. They are reviewing various applications on developers’ request. App developers can choose among the categories of websites that offer reviewing services: free, paid, and even handpicked.

  • Free app review websites want developers to send the form with their app information. This service will not be charged. Even paid websites offer free services, but such free submissions may be overlooked.
  • In the case of paid website, developers have to send the submission form. These paid app review websites will start the process of reviewing when they have validated the payment.
  • Hand-selected app review websites do selections on their own not influenced by any other influences. Or else they provide options to make suggestions. Unlike other two categories, these websites do not have a standardized submission form.

Following list will Boost Traffic to Your App with Free Paid Review Websites for iOS andAndroid






If the users are buying or downloading an app from app store, how do they know whether the app is the exact one they are looking for? How do they know whether it works properly or of no use? Many users would prefer to read reviews before they indulge themselves in buying any app, as we do before going for any movie. So, it becomes more crucial to get your app reviewed by experts. The best way is to select one or more app review websites as a first step to approach your targeted audience with your apps.

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