Common Mistakes to Avoid When Running Google AdWords

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Running Google AdWords

Google AdWords is for the sole purpose to advertise businesses on Google. When people click on those ads, businesses have to pay Google for the service. It would be an extremely effective method of advertising businesses unless they avoid certain mistakes that ruin all of your effort and money.

A Few Common Mistakes to Avoid When Running Google AdWords are List Below:

Mistakes in Keywords Usage

In any advertising, keywords play a vital role in bringing traffic to your business. Here are things that need to handle in an effective to way for better results:

Broad Keywords: Allow ads to run on relevant variations of the keywords

Excessive usage: Limit keywords from 5 to 10 in an ad group to avoid unrelated words

Negative Keywords: Retrieve control over the PCC campaign. Should not be overused

In Ad Text: Inserting certain keywords in title and description of the ad to improve the Ad Rank’s quality components

As keywords are the mantra for Google AdWords, this must be taken care with attention. Above ideas regarding keyword should not ignore while running Google AdWords campaign.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Running Google AdWords

Sending PPC Traffic to Homepage

Pay-per-click ads will bring potential visitors to your businesses. So, the ad must pull them to the page that is designed to appeal to them and satisfy their expectation and interests. If it takes them to your homepage, it is of no use because they have to search again to get further information that may not be comfortable for many. This will automatically lead to lose conversion opportunity and higher bounce rates.

Not Measuring ROI

We do every investment with the intention to get back more returns. In the same way, our investment in PPC ads is also for the same purpose. If we do not track the conversions rates from the AdWords campaign, then what is the use of spending money and time on certain things? A campaign without conversion tracking will not help your business at any cost. To check whether campaigns are making up positive ROI, we have to use a mechanism that measures the rate of conversions from those ads.

Not Testing Anything

If your ad is displaying a single variation, for sure it will not work and cannot bring in more traffic or conversions. So, multiple versions of your ad must test to identify the best one that works better for your business. Variations can be made in Ad Copy, keywords, CTA, Landing page, etc.


Above Twitter ad is the best example of an ad with multiple variations that have been tested.

Not Using Ad Rotation Settings

If you have multiple ads, Ad rotation option helps determine which ad should show often and request how you want your ads to be shown. Depending upon your setting of Ad Rotation option, the ads in the ad group will rotate to show evenly and clearly. Following is the path to activate the setting:

  • Settings
  • Advanced Setting
  • (Ad Rotation Setting)
  • Optimize for Clicks
  • Optimize for Conversion
  • Rotate Evenly
  • Rotate indefinitely

This setting should not ignore on your campaigns to optimize the performance of your ads.


Failed to Mention USP

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) speaks about the uniqueness of your business and tells customers what is special about your business. USP appeals and ensures the credibility of the ad.

Not using a Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action (CTA) is also an important factor that has to be present in your advertisement because it motivates the users to click on your ads. There must be CTAs such as “Shop now,” “Buy Now,” “Call Us”, etc. in any well-executed AdWords campaign. Therefore, CTA must not be left out while advertising.

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