Have You Fixed These SEO Issues When Optimizing Ecommerce Website?

Have You Fixed These SEO Issues When Optimizing Ecommerce Website?

Every one of us knows that our business has a long way to go in the e-commerce. Optimizing eCommerce website and fixing some SEO issues will bring the ultimate result to your business and extraordinary performance of your website in terms of SEO. I have a few to be considered while optimizing your website.

Optimizing Ecommerce Website

Forgetting Audience in Keyword Research

Forgetting about your audience in your keyword research is a common mistake that every search engine marketer must avoid. As we all know, keywords are the most important thing to get optimization in a search engine. Therefore, we are vigilant enough, while selecting keywords for our websites, but most of us forget about our audience because keywords must be focused on the audience whom you are targeting. First, get to know what your target audience typed into the search engine and then builds keywords that suit your e-commerce websites and especially your audiences.

Spamming Content

Google’s algorithms in recent years have gone through various changes that make the keyword stuffing obsolete, which is one of the SEO tactics. Therefore, certain things we do in e-commerce to boost our ranking like adding meta tags, descriptions, URLs, and content with keywords lead to a drop in ranking. It will end in a bad user experience (UX). Instead of stuffing the page with relevant and most valuable content that will convert the visitors into buyers, we are dumping our page with keywords spam.

Duplicating Content

Make sure that your links in the first page do not take back the visitors to the same content. It must be prioritized to index and display web pages with varied information and weed out duplicate content that is replicated across domains. There may be some valid reasons for keeping duplicate content on the website. But anyhow it is going to trouble the SEO in one way or another.

Not Having Product Reviews

Can you believe? Most of the online buyers take their buying decisions purely based on reviews. Besides gathering information about your business, they mostly look for other’s reviews and suggestions to take a buying decision. Enforce your audience to review your product or service and let those reviews available for your visitors to make their decisions. A web page without reviews is not going to work out effectively.


Not Optimizing URLs

A URL that comes with a product number or something of that kind would be unintelligible to visitors as it fails to describe the purpose of your e-commerce website.

URL should not be like: yourwebsite.com/product/3475869
URL should be like: yourwebsite.com/product/childrens-cricket-balls

Keywords in URLs will help search engines read what the web page is about. More the URLs optimize, higher descriptive it is.

Not Speaking Search Language (HTML)

All “Googlebots” can read while crawling into your website is nothing but HTML. Even images in your page must have some HTML so that Google can read it and define what it is. Certain features like Flash can bring a cool look to your website, but it is not readable for Google. If such things fill your page, it will automatically affect your search engine optimization.

Having a Slow Site

Cool graphics and related elements may add beauty to your web page and look fancy. But it will slow down the site’s load time and thereby affect your ranking in search engine. Obviously, this major problem needs to be taken care of much because visitors will avoid visiting such pages that take more time to load. Take precautionary measures to prevent your website from getting higher bounce rate that indeed hurts your ranking. Nothing to worry, “Google Page speed Insights” is a tool that offers suggestions and advice to improve the speed of your site.

Forgetting about Internal Linking

Do you think internal linking is good to have and will reduce the bounce rate? Yes, it is. Internal linking is a site owners’ option to tell your visitors as well as Google. That article in your page has something important and describe what it is all about. If you have a blog, you must ensure that the content in your page has internal links that connect to some other page with high-quality content, which is welcomed even by Google. Internal links offer visitors more opportunities to find relevant content on your website. It helps to improve your page ranking for specific keywords, help Google to crawl the website, and above all, reduce the bounce rate.

Obsessing over Ranking

In e-commerce, SEO is about getting traffic which turns into business. It is not simply getting on the first page of the search results. Even if you build a keyword-focused page, it does not mean that it will pay you off financially. Other marketing efforts such as content marketing and social media and SEO are interlinking as they have something that makes the SEO worthy. Besides Google’s use of different ranking factors, backlinks, keyword density, and site structure become only part of the SEO picture. It would be really great if you approach the SEO in wider marketing efforts. Being focused on a particular method may affect the effectiveness of the others’ part.

Lacking Security Encryption

Secure encryption is to protect your customer’s details when they make transactions on your website. For a successful SEO, your website must have security encryption. So that you can provide a better user experience and save your customers’ information and website from hackers. Lacking security encryption will not only affect your website but also lose customers’ details, which stops your customers from visiting your page again.

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