Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase SEO Productivity

Certain software programs that help Chrome browser to increase its functionality are extensions, which can be written using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase SEO Productivity

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Certain software programs that help Chrome browser to increase its functionality are extensions, which can be written using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. With the support of those Chrome extensions, we can achieve a lot more in the world of SEO through various shortcuts.

Google’s Page Analytics

Page Analytics helps you to see how your customers interact with your web pages. This insight can be used to make a clear website layout, improve page for a better user experience, and improve conversions. It helps to analyze page views, average time on page, etc.

Chrome Extension URL:

Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Stats, formerly known as PageRank Status, assists in accessing SEO information easily. It shows AlexaRank and Google PageRank and gives access to Whois, Geo IP Location, indexed pages, backlinks, etc. This extension supports 30 languages and gives information on page and link stats, traffic, and page speed. It does not offer mobile friendly testing.

Chrome Extension URL:

Mobile Friendly Checker

In the current scenario, websites must be mobile friendly. The “Mobile Friendly Checker” extension is the wonderful tool to check whether the website is responsive or not. Once the page is loaded, Mobile Friendly Checker will automatically show the score of the site. It will take 30 seconds to the Mobile Friendly Checker to score the site. As Google has recently announced that mobile friendliness will also be considered as a ranking signal, this extension would be more useful for the webmasters.

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Google’s Tag Assistant

Google’s Tag Assistant is to verify the installation status of various Google tags like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc. It helps troubleshoot any problems in installation of tags, checks for error, and suggests improvements. It indicates the problems if any just by changing the color of the icon from blue to red and gives the count of tags with issues.

Chrome Extension URL:

Incognito This!

This extension allows the tab to open in an incognito window. Incognito This! is an extension that does not need any special permission and no adware or any malicious activity. To use incognito mode in reverse functionality, “Allow in incognito” option on the extension page must be enabled. Information entered during the last visit will not be saved in the chrome and gives a fresh view to a site or search results in every visit.

Chrome Extension URL:

increase seo productivity with crome extensions

Note Anywhere

Note Anywhere allows us to create a note on any web page that can be saved and recalled at any time. The features that make it unique are: a note can be saved in any page on any position in real time, it can be dragged and dropped anywhere, saved notes will load automatically, and a badge on the logo indicates the No. of notes in the page.

Chrome Extension URL:

SEO Peek

SEO Peek tool is specifically made to satisfy all your SEO needs. It provides the snapshot of any websites’ SEO factors; gives clear insight into the various robot directives such as HTTP status, Meta robots, and other annotations, and shows relevant content elements. As it is easy to understand and user-friendly, SEO Peek helps get all information about websites SEO status and shows the work to your clients that might have been missed.

Chrome Extension URL:


This extension will read out the selected content for you. SpeakIt! converts words into speech. Select the content that you want to read and SpeakIt! will read for you. It has the ability to read more than 50 languages. It will be helpful to read emails, articles, blogs, updates on social page, etc.

Chrome Extension URL:


MozBar is one of the SEO tools that show the metrics of SEO while surfing the web. Even though it occupies a very small space in the browser, it allows user to create custom searches; checks for the difficulty in ranking the given keyword; shows page elements with the overlay of Analyze Page; validates and previews markup,, and authorship; and looks at social metrics for Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

Chrome Extension URL:

Ballloon for Chrome

Once Ballloon extension is installed and authorized, it makes the process of saving easier and faster. Ballloon for Chrome save the web files in any of the cloud storages directly just in a single click or paste the URLs in the following link: “” It saves time by avoiding the downloading process. Above all, it helps keep the files organized on the go and supports the file types such as PDF files, docs, photos, mp3 music, mp4 videos, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sugar Sync, etc.

Chrome Extension URL:

Quick Suggest

Quick Suggest is a tool for SEO keyword suggestion and can quickly suggest keyword ideas. The list of keywords can be expanded just by entering the keyword in the search bar. It has the features to: get more keywords, reverse suggest mode, and download CSV.

Chrome Extension URL:

Chrome extensions save time and increase productivity through its intense features that will help in SEO productivity. There are a lot more extensions and tools available that make our work easier. It is more important to understand the tool and make use of it to get better results.

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