Why Business should adopt – Responsive Website Design

Why Business should adopt – Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is a web design and development technique that responds to the user’s screen size. Responsive design helps in optimizing the user experience by creating a flexible and responsive web page.

Increase sales

The major benefit of responsive web design is improved site experience that is consistent across devices. Responsive design eliminates the need to have multiple sites in terms of functionality, performance and a consistent look and feel.

Unified analytics

Analytics tools are now optimized to handle multiple devices. Instead of several reports prior to responsive era, now tracking and analytics can be combined into a single report thus, allowing for effective monitoring and flow of traffic.

Helps to Increase the site visibility in search engines

Responsive design helps to reduce the time spent on maintaining the site. By creating a responsive site, SEO efforts can be focused on a single site, with a unified strategy. Responsive design with a unique website helps to avoid duplicated content by leaps and bounds. A major search engine like Google gives high priority to responsive websites.

Save time and cost on mobile development

Through responsive design, it takes less time to build a stand-alone mobile site. Responsive design significantly saves time, effort and resource utilization rates in building a website significantly.

Enhance user’s browsing experience

The offline browsing capabilities of HTML5 mean that sites can be easily accessed ‘on the Move’.

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Responsive Design & SEO Benefits to Small Businesses

The rules of Search Engine

Google is predominantly the most popular search engine, as a result, small business need to build the website based on Googles recommendation to attract the traffic which results in improved business.

Eliminate the Risk of Duplicate Content

If the website is not responsive then the owners risk themselves in creating duplicating content for different devices. It leads them to penalize heavily by search engines. By following the responsive approach in web design the risk of having duplicate content can avoid.

Links Built are Undoubtedly Stronger

In a responsive Web design, the URL for each page is unique. Multiple URLs for the same page is a must that helps in non-dilution of page rank.

Reduction in Bounce Rate

Increase in bounce rate is penalize by Google. To overcome this issue-responsive design comes handy to the advantage of business owners. Bounce rate increases due to an opening of pages in different devices that are not support by conventional design. Responsive design will rearrange as per the device and will eliminate no horizontal scrolling and eventually site ratings may go up. To sum up, responsive design facilitates in user engagement.

Reduced Page Load Time

The average time for a mobile page to get load in little over 7 seconds Google recommends it to come down to 1 second. Unique URL system in responsive design ensures the time for one mobile page to get loaded can be reduce significantly less. Thus it results in enhanced user experience.

Improve Mobile Search Rankings

Mobile searches have conveniently outsmarted search through desktop across the world. Google gives more priority in ranking mobile searches, as a result, it is wise for a business to adopt for responsive design.

To summarize, Responsive design aids in SEO by avoiding duplicating content, page load time and reduce bounce rate. As a result, to improve their business potential and provide improved user experience business should adopt implement a responsive strategy.

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