ANDROID PAY: Shop with your Android Phone

Android Pay is an interesting service that has been launched by Google

ANDROID PAY: Shop with your Android Phone

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Android Pay is an interesting service that has been launched by Google. This particular service avails the Android Phone users to pay for their purchase in a single tab. Hereafter no wallet or card is needed when you are at shopping. Your Smartphone will do everything easily and at the same time safely. For mobile payments, Google has launched two apps: Google Wallet and Android Pay. Android Pay replaces Google Wallet but uses NFC (Near Field Communication) just like Google Wallet to send payment information to the payment terminal. Following a few simple steps will get your Smartphone ready to be replaced for the wallet: add a debit or credit card to your Android phone and keep it unlocked near the contactless terminal to pay. It does not even require the app to be opened for payment process. Tap-to-pay option is possible only when your Android phone talk to the contactless payment terminal via NFC. NFC must be turned on in your mobile for successful payment.

Android Pay CC/DC Showcase

Above all, Android Pay does not reveal the original details of your credit or debit card such as card number to the merchant. Instead, it sends a temporary account number to represent your actual card information. Thereby, it keeps our account details safe. You can also keep track your purchases and payments. Android Pay will send confirmation messages with the details of payment venue, merchant’s name, and number. That avoids confusions and helps find the suspicious activity. Even if the Android phone is lost, there is no place for worrying because the phone can be locked, secured by changing to a new password, or cleaned up all the personal information from anywhere.

Android Payment Process Demo

Things are more interesting when Android brings everything together. Now, it replaces credit and debit cards. Android Pay not only manages credit or debit cards, but also gift and loyalty cards. The payment terminal will automatically support the gift or loyalty card when making payments through Android Pay. Large customers have accepted digital wallet, Android Pay, not because of its convenience, but because of its technology that renders security to our everyday transactions. Say goodbye to wallet, cards, or even cash. Gradual growth of Android Pay in the market will soon reach every customer for its valuable service and incredible use.

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