How to Combine SEO and Content Marketing to Drive Additional Traffic

SEO and Content Marketing

Seeing your website being place at the top of the Google search results is not a cake walk. Unique and distinct strategies need to implement to achieve the desired results. Google uses many complex algorithms to drive the result when any user types something into the search box and hits enter. Your website content needs …

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Importance of Long Tail Keywords in SEO

Longer keyword phrases that are more specific and less common are name as long tail keywords. Usually, long tail keywords in SEO (search engine optimization) are focus more on the niche product or service of the business. Even though long tail keywords will bring less traffic while comparing to the common keywords. Yet it will …

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How Analytics Can Help You to Understand Your Business?

An analysis service by Google Analytics that helps to measure the activities and performance of the website is software offered, developed, and maintained by Google for web analytics. It provides a detailed analytic service, thereby offers business analyst, marketer, and with necessary information. This analytics you more insight into your own business by analyzing ad campaign, the …

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How User Reviews are Important for Local SEO?

User Reviews are Important for Local SEO

The primary reason for the user reviews is customers preference for online review during their buying decisions. Such reviews have been given by unbiased people who mark their experience with the certain company or their product. Certainly, online reviews act as goodwill of the business. It does the same favor to the business as the …

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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase SEO Productivity

top 10 Google Chrome extensions

With the support of those top 10 Google Chrome extensions, we can achieve a lot more in the world of SEO through various shortcuts. Certain software programs that help Chrome browser to increase its functionality are extensions, which can be written using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Here the Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions Google’s Page Analytics Page …

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