Ready to Migrate Drupal 8? The Best Features of Drupal 8 You Should Learn

Ready to Migrate Drupal 8? The Best Features of Drupal 8 You Should Learn

January 16, 2017Leave a Comment Drupal

Drupal got better and came with the new standard to create an astonishing digital experience. As the world’s best open-source content management platformDrupal 8 makes the content creating process easier and quicker with its more responsive inbuilt themes. Are you ready to ready to migrate Drupal 8? here the best features of Drupal 8 you should learn.

Here are a few best features of Drupal 8:

New Fields

In the Drupal 8 core, following new fields have taken place,

  • Date
  • Email
  • Link
  • Reference
  • Telephone

In addition, there are also certain small changes wordings and settings: the names of fields changed to simpler words rather the complex word (e.g. Number instead of Integer), and the option “Comment” now becomes a field, which was a setting previously.

Fields are Everywhere

Drupal 8 allows us to add fields anywhere like blocks, nodes, contact forms, comments, users and taxonomy terms.


Drupal 8 core’s text editor CKEditor becomes the market’s best text editor, which was not available in the previous versions.

Quick Edit

Quick Edit module in Drupal 8 allows you to edit text from the front part of your site.

Responsive Images

As advancement in the image styles of Drupal 7Drupal 8 has come with an option to give different styles for images. Styles will vary based on the different sizes of the devices.


Tour Module in Drupal 8 gives information about Drupal in pop-ups, which was a replacement of the link “Help,” but with the betterment.


As an easy way to customize, many of the Drupal administration screens use Views, as it is now in the Drupal 8 core.


Previously, you need to install various modules for the multilingual process. Now, it becomes much easier with the Drupal 8 where you need to enable the following four key modules to translate your site: Configuration Translation, Content Translation, Interface Translation, and Language.

Configuration Manager

The new module in Drupal 8, Configuration Manager, makes the process of importing and exporting easier. The features you build in your test site can be exported from there and be imported into your live site.

Web  Services

It requires several modules to create web Service in Drupal 7. Drupal 8 does not require that much effort. All we have to do is to enable four Web Service Modules: HAL, HTTP Basic Authentication, RESTful Web Services, and Serialization; go to module Views, and create a REST export.

Object-Oriented Programming

The PHP framework Symfony in Drupal 8 allows developers and designers to bring some advanced practices to Drupal and helps to make the code easier to expand, maintain, and reuse.


Announce increases the usability of Drupal websites. It allows developers to direct output to screen readers and makes it accessible for the visually impaired. Announce is one of the great features of Drupal 8 that brings more users to the sites.

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