Blind Sql Injection in WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast <=

Blind Sql Injection in Wordpress SEO plugin by Yoast

What is Blind SQL Injection? How does it differ from normal SQL injection? To know what Blind SQL injection is. Let we first understand what normal SQL injection is. In normal SQL injection hackers depend on error messages returned from a database on a web page to find vulnerable databases. What if the error message …

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Tips to Improve your WordPress Security

Tips to improve your wordpress security

The security breach is a matter of concern in WordPress community. To educate the WordPress users &community, Pattronize InfoTech WordPress Website Development Company releases an extract or compilation of measures that are released by authoritative sources on WordPress. This compilation released at a different point in time aims to eliminate the hassle and educate all …

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15 Most Favorite PHP Frameworks To Increase Your Productivity

Most Favorite PHP Frameworks

A PHP framework provides a basic structure for streamlining the development of web applications. We use them because they speed up the web development process. PHP framework for large scale application is a huge entity, multiple level of planning and huge architecture involved on the application development. Each module should be designed properly and integrated …

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Ready to Migrate Drupal 8? The Best Features of Drupal 8 You Should Learn

Migrate Drupal 8

Drupal got better and came with the new standard to create an astonishing digital experience. As the world’s best open-source content management platform, Drupal 8 makes the content creating process easier and quicker with its more responsive inbuilt themes. Are you ready to ready to migrate Drupal 8? here the best features of Drupal 8 you should …

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