Tips to Improve your WordPress Security

Tips to Improve your WordPress Security

The security breach is a matter of concern in WordPress community. To educate the WordPress users &community, Pattronize InfoTech WordPress Website Development Company releases an extract or compilation of measures that are released by authoritative sources on WordPress. This compilation released at a different point in time aims to eliminate the hassle and educate all WordPress users regarding their concern about WordPress security.

Audit your WordPress security

Kick-start your security audit and make it as a routine affair.

Any security loopholes outside of WordPress, in software and hardware, can affect the CMS itself.

Use Well Know theme Sources

Pattronize recommends its clients to choose a WordPress plug-in or theme from reputable companies and they’re much more likely to be kept up to date and monitored for security issues. Check when the plug-in or theme was last updated. Anything that has not updated for more than few months leads you to risk.

Use Strong Passwords

Hackers can easily crack random passwords, so one needs to use a better mechanism like using a password manager.

Update WordPress for better security

Themes and plug-in is the backbone to security as the WordPress. Update everything – not just

WordPress alone. Hackers will target age-old versions of WordPress with predictable security issues, so keep an eye on your Dashboard and don’t ignore those ‘update’ messages.

If you have old themes and plug-in that is not updated and if you are not using it consider it as a source of the security breach

Block access

Use limit login attempts plug-in this will help to lock user if they entered wrong password more than a specified time. It helps to see how many people try to hack your site and the admin can block the IP address.

Find hacked WordPress files

Use tools to know and find whether you are hacked or not.


When you use HTTP, your password is sent as plain text across the net. Use HTTPS and adds at least a layer of security.

Improve your Hosting

Check the type of server disk

Server disks are the most valuable part of the server because they have your data. If you use shared hosting or a WP hosting service, ask the service provider about the type of disk system they use. If they are not using a redundant RAID or SAN, then start looking for a new host.

Delete Extra Accounts

Check for any user accounts created by your developers because people often use passwords with poor strength, if these are not changed they can be an easy backdoor entry into your WP installation.

Configure Automatic Core Updates

Always leave auto updates on.

If you are using a plug-in that gets broken due to security release then it raises a serious question like how plug-in is reacting to WordPress.

Backup Your WordPress Site

By implementing WordPress security tips, there is a chance that you can get hacked. Pattronize recommends clients to have a backup using the plug-in to block attacks. Pattronize recommends all WordPress users to discuss their security concerns with their WordPress development agency before building their CMS. Please feel free to discuss with Pattronize WordPress security experts to clear all your WordPress and CMS related security concerns.

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