Top Web Technology Trends to Watch and Learn in 2016

Introduction Web technologies or trends are gradually growing that need to be adhered and updated often to face the fast-pacing world

Top Web Technology Trends to Watch and Learn in 2016

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Web technologies or trends are gradually growing that need to be adhered and updated often to face the fast-pacing world. Here are some of the most expected web design technologies and trends of 2016 that must be adhered by every website.

Material Design

Material Design is a new style language launched by Google with the intention to create realistic designs by using shadow effects and the idea of movement and depth. It was aimed to give outstanding UI and UX across devices. Previously, projects of Material Design have been limited to app design; however, Google has later announced Material Design Lite to make it suitable for websites by using vanilla CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. As it does not rely on any framework, users can utilize a plethora of front-end tools to build their sites. As an innovative product of Google, Material Design is a technologies’ masterpiece. The process of web designing and application development becomes easier with the visual language.

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Responsive Web Design

Usage of mobile Internet rises; so does the popularity of responsive web design. It costs less and saves time. With Responsive Design, the content of the website can be compressed and expanded in a single web page to fit in the size of the visitor’s device whether it is desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. Even though it is the best way to build effective, mobile-friendly sites, responsive web design needs to be carried properly for better performance. Still, it results in an effective and better online experience by focusing optimization and link-building efforts on one URL and uses CSS for a consistent look. Responsive design uses same HTML code to deliver the page in all devices irrespective of their sizes. It shrinks the images to bring the content more effective that may reduce the images’ clarity.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling is one of the biggest trends in the current scenario of technology and designing and is specifically for designing the web page and creating computer graphics that can make graphics of moving the background image slower whereas the foreground images faster to create an illusion of 3D effect while using 2D. Incorporating parallax scrolling would be the simplest way to comprehend the fluidity of web.

Following are the main aspects of Parallax Scrolling:

  • By using CSS, HTML, and jQuery, it creates an illusion of 3D design 
  • It excels in performance in literary representation, business pages, case studies and portfolio sites
  • The long-scroll websites and the concept of storytelling are often interlinked
  • It helps visitors get engaged whenever they scroll

Card-Based UI Design

Card-based UI design is an amazing design pattern that is to organize content and is also mobile-friendly and cross-device consistent. It is majorly usable and works well in responsive frameworks. Card-based design is custom tailored that make it fit in any content type and design style. This type of design can be useful for showcasing articles, white papers, case studies, etc. and applied to corporate sites or even in magazines. This particular UI design helps activate videos, buy things and submit forms and so on in a single click. I would say “Card-Based UI Design” is the future of web and becoming the best pattern for mobile phones.

More Animations

Usually, animations help enhance the user experience and make the site more interactive and entertaining. Besides large-scale animations like parallax scrolling, there are certain animation techniques that help to entertain and delight users.

Following are the animations that tend to be popular for:

  • Loading animations: minimalism, flat design, one-page sites, and portfolios
  • Navigation and Menus: saving screen space
  • Hover animation: instant visual feedback
  • Galleries and Slideshow: portfolios, photography sites, and product showcase
  • Motion animation: drawing user’s attention
  • Scrolling: giving further control o users
  • Background Animations/Videos: adding visibility to a site

Illustrations and Typography

An act of combining handcrafted art and digital web design adds a fun element of whimsy to a site design. Illustrations functions effectively in icons and other UI elements. Illustrations that are hand-drawn give a friendly touch to the brand that provides charisma and builds a better relationship with the visitors. As hand-drawn illustrations are difficult to copy, your illustrations will always be unique and original. And on the other hand, “typography” makes even a very simple design stand out as Google provides several professional fonts that work well with other elements of the current trends. Creative typography plays its role effectively in setting theme, tone, and message of the website.

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