Would You Consider Internet Explorer for Your Website Design

Would You Consider Internet Explorer for Your Website Design

When you consider redesigning, develop or test a website then you must be clear about the fact that all browsers are not made equal. Your new web design and pages will definitely look the same on all the browser neither they will function alike. But the one about which we are going to debate is Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is one of the commonly used and widely famous used internet browser introduced by Microsoft. Many web designers opt for Internet Explorer for their new web designing assessments. Internet Explorer is load with many facilities for designers that make it one of the best choices for designers as it is more slandered compliant. There are many ways you can design the web pages in internet explorer that will look perfect in all other standard compliant browsers.

Browsers are not created equal

Each web browser uses different coding and different methods to open a webpage and along with this they are different versions and have different capabilities. You might have come across the problems when the image of any web page looked weird or the texts are not correctly lined up. In most of these cases, there may be possibilities that the problem is with the browser rather than the website.

Top browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox have their own differences and for most of the parts, they possess the same capabilities. In these cases, Internet Explorer can be consider as the odd one as it causes the most issues for the responsive website design just because it doesn’t have that many capabilities especially when you look at the Internet Explorer versions like IE7 and IE8. Like these versions do not support text shadows and rounded corners.

Designing a page on Internet Explorer

It can be challenging for you to design the pages for less standard compliant versions like IE 7 or more below, especially when you can’t your web page to look awesome for standard compliant browsers as well. Another thing you must consider that how internet explorer 7 and the earlier versions of IE can handle the work with CSS box. If you want these browsers to work with CSS boxes then you must know how to play with them nicely.

There are many limitations for the older versions of the internet explorer because the web designers always needed to adjust their page designs so that they become compatible with the browser. The biggest problem one can deal with is that when we work with the older versions of internet explorer there is a lack of support for CSS media queries and other special features.

Now another fact is that creating a website for internet explorer you will need to design your web page for the Firefox browser. By designing the web pages from the professional web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and other standard compliant browsers, you can get the web pages with the best visuals and accordance with HTML and CSS. Once you done with the design part of all other browsers you can make little changes and tweaks for those web pages to display correctly in Internet Explorer.

The latest version of the Internet Explorer has been add a new feature called compatibility view in IE8. This feature allows internet explorer 8 and all newer versions of this browsers to render the web page using internet explorer 7 viewing modes and even for the IE5 view modes. You are also free to force the view mode of internet explorer with Meta tag.

The most important thing is to make sure that all of the content on the website can be easily read and perfectly visualize by the internet explorer users. It is not necessary that all of the fancy functionalities will work and neither are they needed so far. Definitely, the user experience will not be perfect for the older versions of the internet explorer but the websites will be consider to be perfect as long as the viewers are able to read the content.

In the functionality of internet explorer, there is the potential difference and it is a critical fact that everyone should be aware of that the websites will not function or look exactly the same on internet explorer 8 or 7 as it looks or works on chrome, safari, and Firefox. Many of the new web companies are starting to support the phase of IE8 and the lower versions of internet explorer, so there will not be any need to check the website for these versions.

The older versions of the internet explorer will always be an issue for web designers but they will have the conversation with their customers in all redesigning process. This thing will keep everyone on the same page along with the same set of expectations on the browser. The longer the designer of websites tests extensively before the launch of the website the success possibilities of the website will increases.

Problems with an Internet browser

For every web developer, it can be a tough task to spend so many hours that their web page looks great and for that, they test it out in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and opera. It can be an awesome experience, but once you open the internet explorer and your web page looks like a huge blunder which older designs. This thing will let you work approximately double time in order to try to fix the tolerable looks of your web page in the older versions of the Internet Explorer.

There are many websites which do not even support the internet explorer version 8, this increases the timings of the responsive web designing for any developer.

Benefits for the developers from the new IE 11

Benefits for the developers from the new IE 11

Internet Explorer is always considered as the worst thing in the history. Microsoft has released its very new version of Internet Explorer with the first release preview and it clearly wins the hearts as well as minds.

Microsoft has declared IE11 as the 30 percent faster browser in comparison with all competitive browsers. Of course, they have done their own testing on all those codings. The major updates of the internet explorer include the following:

  • It supports an un-prefixed version of the pointer events specifications. This allows multiple types of the input to gather and generate the same event type. Now the websites have become easier to build that works perfectly well along with all input devices like keyword, mouse, pen, and touch etc.
  • All the new users are allow to control the standard delivery profile for the closed captioning this simply enables users to customize the captions which appear in the browser and overriding the default type of styling which is provide by the source.
  • The new version of IE supports the latest tracking preference Expression also known as DNT draft in the W3C the preview of the Microsoft explorer include followings:
    • Console: The console enables you to debug WebGL contents by mapping WebGL errors to the corresponding location of JavaScript.
    • DOM Explorer: Developers are now able to tune websites more quickly by editing the CSS property values along with seeing those edits in the Live DOM without even need to press the enter key.
    • Memory: Developers are able to narrow down the source of money leaks the F12 tool now identifies what operations are perform on allocated data between the memory snapshots.
    • Networking: There are new search next and search previous functions that can help in complex network issues. Another best feature called always refresh from server option creates the reproducible performance results to tune their site performance.

Would You Take IE Now?

Internet Explorer is one of the most used browsers in the world, but due incompatibility of the previous versions this has become one of the most hated browsers. But the latest version of internet explorer IE11 is being launched in order to overcome all type of issues regarding the visuals and technical issues to make it reliable for the developers.

As per the developer’s concern, the internet explorer is the most time taking the thing in the development of the particular web pages. Hence it is simply a non-advisable thing to use internet explorer for all the developers. The internet page developers can go through all the competitive edge browsers to develop all their web pages because the internet explorer can cause them many problems regarding the visuals as well as the functionalities.

We can only hope for the latest version of the internet explorer to suit the developer’s mind. As per the claims of Microsoft, it can be one of the great browsers to consider for the website development process. So here are the pros and cons of the internet explorer which is simply the non-advisable at all for the developers. If you have gone through some other positive or negative experience of the internet explorer then you can suggest us the same in our comments sections.

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