How to make a great mobile App

How to make a great mobile App

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From its modest beginnings, the mobile app market is accelerated to reach $143 billion in 2016.The figure varies depending on the research firm and consultancies. But the pie is large and everyone can have a share of it through in-app purchases, in-app ads, and big data. The most promising areas are social networks, utility, advertising, and productivity.

Great Product

Any app that is going to be developed should be a fantastic and an original product, it should create WOW factor in the minds of users by helping them to overcome their challenges, which mainly involves the performance of Application, the battery life etc.. Apart, from its objective the app should be smart and intelligent in terms of design, navigation and user experience as well.

Share and Share

Sharing mechanism should be incorporated into the app, so each user can share and attract new users. Sharing which is one of the basic entity in the smartphone world, so apps also must be focused on sharing. Sharing may be of any type :

  • A Basic Voice communication.
  • Sharing data which can be accomplished in android app by using its content sharing API. It provides sharing data between apps and between devices through various modes such as Bluetooth, WI-FI etc.

Develop Android based apps

Develop apps through – Android platform. As of now it edges out the apple market place…once you muscle up your capabilities then provide app in all avatars.

Aim for Newer and smaller Markets

Aim for niche and smaller markets. This is because it is easy to grab a piece of pie in the smaller countries. As mentioned in First line the market for mobile app development in android is not only growing but also extends it’s market area to T.V., Wearables such as watches and glasses, Automobiles were the app development market is new and smaller.

Convenience and Integration

Application should be user friendly and size should be minimum. Thus the way of achieving the user friendly Apps is recognized through its Accesibility, create custom views, User Interface design, Backward Compatible User Interface for various versions of Android, one app should support multiple devices and multiple screen sizes. The size of the App mainly focuses on how much memory it takes. Best and popular apps should provide not only the “stand alone” experience but also the easiness to integrate with others.


Security is the most important aspect, How to perform various tasks and keep your app’s data and your user’s data secure, to ensure that your app is secure when performing network transactions, To implement security with device management policies for enterprise-oriented apps. The data transferred must be encrypted and safely distributed across the networks.


Before building an app, it would be beneficial to conduct a survey and to find out the user priorities, gather suggestions and ideas. After defining the priorities, each user requirement should be translated into technical specification.

Track and measure

Provide user tracking and analytic tools to measure the user behaviour inside the app and about the navigation pattern etc.


There is quantum difference between 1$ app and then one that is free. Try to give the basic app version for free. If the users are interested they will eventually migrate to the much advanced and paid version.

To conclude, the development team should start from user priorities and translate into specifications. It need to scrutinize use cases, system requirements, stakeholder needs, usability, efficiency, performance and other quality characteristics to build a great app.

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